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COVID19: Reconstructing The Apparel Value Chain — Towards Resilience And Digitization Report

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the apparel value chain. What are the overall impacts on the apparel sector? What are the opportunities that lie ahead?

The Mills Fabrica has launched the “COVID-19: Reconstructing the Apparel Value Chain – Towards Resilience and Digitization” report to examine innovation opportunities and trends in the future.

Updated as of Aug 26, 2020


State of Techstyle Innovations Teaser Report

There is a growing number of new innovations in the techstyle industry, bringing disruptions to the traditional consumer market and changes to the investment landscape. Who are the early winners in the market? How can investors and large industry players like brands and manufacturers plan ahead to capture new opportunities?

The Mills Fabrica has launched the first “State of Techstyle Innovations” Report presenting key facts, findings and trends in the techstyle space.

Updated as of Jun 3, 2020

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