About Fabrica

The Mills Fabrica (Fabrica) is a go-to solutions platform accelerating techstyle and agrifood technology innovations for sustainability and social impact.


Fabrica is the innovation arm of The Mills, the heritage revitalization project which stems from the Nan Fung Group's textile legacy in Hong Kong, transforming its cotton spinning mills from the 1950’s into a new center for heritage, experiential retail and innovation.

Officially launched in 2018, Fabrica has expanded to London in 2021 at Cottam House, King’s Cross.

To create positive social impact for future generations with like-minded entrepreneurs and strategic partners, we focus on incubating and investing in sustainable innovations, building an international community of sustainability, innovators, entrepreneurs and visionaries, and sharing with everyone our physical spaces (co-working/ events/ prototyping lab/ experiential store).

What is Techstyle?

Branched from our textile legacy, one of our foci – techstyle is the combination of technology and lifestyle. The common goal of techstyle industry is to build a sustainable future by technology-empowered solutions, which transform the way we produce, consume and live.

What is Agrifood?

Extended from our legacy in apparel and textile, we see similarities in the value chain of agrifood. Both industries are in need of more sustainable solutions to tackle the challenges generated by current practices.

Agrifood is the combination of agriculture and food, covering the entire food production chain. For example, there are advances in crop health, automation and novel ingredients. Our goal is to support food industry's transition towards a more sustainable future from agriculture production to food consumption.


We accelerate innovations across the value chain, focusing on advanced technologies that provide scalable solutions to address critical issues of the agrifood and techstyle industries. By supporting entrepreneurs who are innovating within these two industries, we hope to catalyze the fundamental change needed to increase our social-ecology resilience, and maintain a just and sustainable earth system for humanity to thrive in the future.

Circular production and supply chains
Food and ingredient innovations
Next-gen biomaterials
Techstyle and agrifood platforms and products

It's our pleasure to have a coffee with you here at Fabrica, feel free to let us know if you would like to meet in-person or online!

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