Concept Store - Fabrica X

Fabrica X is a unique experimental and experiential retail destination offering the public a curated selection of techstyle products and innovations. The first of its kind, this new opening marks an exciting shift in London’s retail landscape. Supporting the pioneers of eco-fashion, Fabrica X showcases the latest groundbreaking fashion tech innovations of the future, each heralding biodiverse material use, minimal waste, and ethical production whilst educating and empowering customers to make design-led, responsible purchases.


We chose to showcase the world premiere of the Mylo products made by our Consortium partners in London with The Mills Fabrica, and were blown away by the thoughtful execution and storytelling, and the industry connections we made.

The Colorifix story is an exciting one, but it can be complicated to explain – not many people know much about genetic engineering, synthetic biology or industrial fermentation! The installation at Fabrica X was the perfect way to do this. Our process is science and technology, but our product is beautiful and tactile! It was great to work with The Mills Fabrica to communicate our work— and importantly, the context of why we're doing it.
We're thrilled to be featured amongst these inspiring innovators in fashion and retail, who are demonstrating the changes we need to see, whether that's transparency in supply chains or harnessing biological processes to transform the way we make. We need a multitude of solutions to tackle the environmental issues we are facing. The Fabrica X store shows how we can make a real impact with such varied approaches to these challenges.
Provenance is thrilled to be part of Fabrica X. To solve today’s tough challenges of climate change and inequality we need collaborative spaces, education and innovation - Fabrica X is the mothership of this!