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Fabrica is the innovation arm of The Mills – dedicated to creating techstyle startup success stories and building a global techstyle community. We are an open platform for innovation, facilitating collaboration between startups, brands, retailers, manufacturers, academic and research institutions and more. 

We run a cross-border incubation programme both in Hong Kong and the UK, bridging the east and the west to supporttechstylestartupsthrough exposure, connections and advisory. This provides startups access to our global network no matter where they are in the world.

We also have an investment fund that supports and invests intechstyleglobally.

Our flexible co-working space provides members with the space to create and share ideas with like-minded entrepreneurs, whilst Fabrica Lab allows for experimentation and prototyping in a collaborative environment with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. TechstyleX is our very own store located on The MillsShopfloorwhich is dedicated to showcasing the latesttechstyleinnovations to the public.

We also host a variety of events for the community from large conferences and exhibitions to smaller, more intimate symposiums and workshops. And Fabrica.Weave, our quarterly magazine, is designed to inform, educate and inspire our followers and share about the latest techstyle news.



Creating techstyle startup success stories around the world



Investing globally to create the future of techstyle


Space / Lab / Store

Techstyle innovation hub of co-working space, prototyping lab, and experiential store



We define techstyle as innovations throughout the value chain of the fashion industry; from AgriTech, to new materials and supply chain processes, wearables and any products which include textile materials that merge technology and design, and new retail experiences.


Material & supply chain innovation


Wearables merging technology & style


New retail experiences



Vanessa Cheung

Managing Director – Nan Fung Development Ltd.
Founder – The Mills

Carine Pin


Alexander Chan


Amy Tsang


Maggie Luk

Incubation and Ecosystem

Amy Lam

Investment and Research

Morris Cheung

Investment and Research

Angus Tsang


Jenna Chow


Chelsea Wong

Community & Partnership

Timothy Muller


Cindy Law


Tramy Tso


Sherin Tang


Janice Mak

Community Ambassador

Pecky Kwan

Community Ambassador

Dan Widmaier

CEO – Bolt Threads

David Bell

Co-Founder and President – Idea Farm Ventures (IFV)

Edwin Keh

Chief Executive Officer – The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

Janice Wang

CEO – Alvanon

Jason Chiu

Founder & CEO – Cherrypicks

Jeffrey F. Hsu

CIMO – NewTech Textiles (NTX)

LY Wang

Co-Founder & Chairman – Roly International Holdings Limited

William Bao Bean

SOSV – General Partner
Chinaccelerator – Managing Director
MOX – Managing Director

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