State of Techstyle Innovations Report

25 May 2020 – As the platform for nurturing global techstyle innovations within the industry, The Mills Fabrica is excited to announce the launch of a new annual report “State of Techstyle Innovations”, sharing about the latest innovations and investment opportunities in the techstyle space.


The fashion industry has been rapidly transformed by innovations in the value chain, bringing more investment and collaboration opportunities to the ecosystem players. Investors and large corporates like brands and manufacturers are actively looking for ways to capture these new opportunities.


The report aims to serve as a 101 into the innovation landscape of techstyle. Investors and large corporates including brands and manufacturers will gain access to key facts and findings on the latest startup innovations and analysis of funding sizes, investment and exit landscape of startups in the techstyle space. The report will also highlight the lessons learnt from early winners in the space, sharing insights on key opportunities and trends in the three thesis areas, Material and Supply Chain, Techstyle Brands and New Retail Experiences.


To help better explain the facts and findings, State of Techstyle Innovations Webinar Series will be held in May and June to share with our valuable partners and community members on the trending innovations that corporates are more focused on and the investment opportunities that investors are actively looking into. The webinar series will be kickstarted with two overview sessions, targeting at investors and corporates, followed by three deep-diving sessions in New Material and Supply Chain, Techstyle Brands, New Retail Experiences.


If you are interested to learn more,

  • For the webinar series, register now to get the zoom link!
  • For more content of the report, feel free to access a summary of the report in the appendix or download the full Teaser report.
  • For a customized full report, please send us an email for enquires.


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“State of Techstyle Innovations” Webinar Series,


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