“Spinning Transformation” Showpiece Designed by The Future Makers Award 2023 Winners

About the Project

At The Mills Fabrica, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of sustainable innovators. The Future Makers Award, proudly presented by The Mills Fabrica, embodies our commitment to recognizing and empowering emerging talents who are shaping the future of the textile industry.

Exceptional students from esteemed local fashion institutions, including The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), and The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi), are handpicked to receive the Future Makers Award. Last year, five awardees collaborated to create a captivating and unique showpiece.

Design Concept Inspired by The Mills

Drawing inspiration from the attire of former Nan Fung Textiles workers and the architectural elements of The Mills, this remarkable piece symbolizes the evolution of both The Mills and the textile industry, paying homage to the workers in the industry of old Hong Kong.

The Application of Sustainable Materials & Technologies Supported by Industry Partners from The Mills Fabrica Ecosystem

With the invaluable support of our industry partners, students have had the incredible opportunity to apply sustainable materials and cutting-edge technologies. While textile sustainability has been extensively studied and discussed among students, it is often not easy for them to gain hands-on experience using sustainable fabrics and industrial-level technologies to bring their ideas to life and apply their academic knowledge.

We are grateful for the invaluable contributions of our industrial partners who played an important role in the success of our project. Students are able to utilize Advanced Denim's sustainable denim fabric, even weave their own fabric piece from Lenzing's TENCEL™ Modal yarns. Moreover, Jeanologia provided training and service with their cutting-edge laser engraving technology, which facilitated the creation of an intricate and captivating pattern at the back of the jacket. The collaborative efforts of these visionary partners truly elevated the outcome of our project. 

Weaving the Past into the Future of Techstyle

The integration of sustainable materials and technologies, with the support of industry partners, exemplifies techstyle innovation. By manifesting The Mills' heritage through sustainable innovations and techniques, the piece beautifully blends the past and future of the textile industry.  

The bomber jacket at its core represents the identity and belonging of textile workers, as seen in an interview video with former Nan Fung Textiles employees displayed at CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile). Its laser-engraved back design highlights the empowerment of textile workers in old Hong Kong. The apron, a symbol of the former mill workers’ uniform, is ingeniously transformed into a stylish and practical bag. The entire outfit features a timeless silhouette, emphasizing its enduring appeal. 

Through this project, The Mills Fabrica engages with talented local youth, providing unique opportunities to explore sustainability and innovation in our techstyle ecosystem. Learn more about the Future Makers Award and join us on a journey that combines history, youth empowerment, and creativity.

"Spinning Transformation" is currently on display at The Mills Fabrica Impact Retail Store for public appreciation, as part of the Denim Futures campaign. Visit our store to experience this statement piece firsthand before July 2024! 

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