Future Makers Award

Proudly presented by The Mills Fabrica, stands as our commitment to recognizing and empowering the next generation of creative textile talents.

2023 Winners

We carefully handpick exceptional students from esteemed institutions such as The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong Design Institute, and The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, to join our dynamic techstyle ecosystem, where they gain exclusive opportunities to delve into the practical applications of sustainability and innovation.

Recipients of the Future-Makers Award are rewarded with a 6-month residency at The Mills Fabrica Lab in Hong Kong, granting them access to cutting-edge facilities and support from our thriving community of industry experts. Furthermore, they will gain potential exposure through media, events, and showcases meticulously organized by The Mills Fabrica, thus elevating their visibility and networking within the industry.

Opportunities are available for collaboration with community brands and industry partners, allowing for practical experience and skill development. By recognizing and supporting these exceptionally talented individuals, The Mills Fabrica aims to foster innovation, creativity, and collaboration, ultimately shaping a more sustainable and vibrant future for the textile industry.

Future Makers Award in a nutshell

Winners will receive essential support to develop and explore their projects including 6-month residencies at The Mills Fabrica in our Fabrica Lab and potential exposure opportunities to media, The Mills Fabrica’s industry partners and community through events, showcases, and more. 


A 6-month residency at The Mills Fabrica Lab in Hong Kong


Access to cutting-edge facilities and our techstyle ecosystem


Potential exposure through media, events, and showcases organized by The Mills Fabrica, boosting visibility and networking within the industry


Opportunities for collaborations with community, brands and industry partners

Residency program outcome
“Spinning Transformation” showpiece designed by the Future Makers Award 2023 winners
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