Our mission is to accelerate sustainable innovation through supporting techstyle (apparel & textile) and agrifood technology startups in their scale up process.

Our Support

Fabrica incubation programme nurtures the next generation of sustainable techstyle startups and entrepreneurs through connections, exposures and practical business guidance. By curating tailored support for founders, we connect startups to relevant business opportunities and create exposure to our ecosystem of corporates, investors, universities, research institutes and more. Through our 12-month incubation programme located in both Hong Kong and the UK, we help startups scale and expand across the globe especially in Asia and Europe.


We create exposure opportunities for startups to showcase, present and share at events, from large-scale, international conferences to smaller, intimate symposiums and workshops. You can find their news here !

We connect startups to our extensive network of key players in techstyle apparel and agrifood industries. We facilitate collaboration between startups, brands, retailers, manufacturers, investors, academic , research institutions and impact communities.

We offer regular 1-on-1 catchups to brainstorm together with founders on key business areas, including fundraising strategies, operations, legal, pricing strategy, transportation, logistics, cost control, business direction, product development, business model setting or pivoting, and more.

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For Colorifix, The Mills Fabrica has really epitomized a value-adding investor. They leverage their fantastic networks in the world of fashion and textiles to the benefit of their investees and facilitate good cross pollination across the companies in their portfolio. The London site is a wonderful working space and is becoming a great community for exciting early-stage companies. We are very happy to be working with them.

The Mills Fabrica incubation program offers an a la carte menu of support, ranging from investor connection to (Nan Fung) group properties. They genuinely want the best for the incubatees. Due to their global reach, unspun has grown and expanded into multiple markets.

Working with The Mills Fabrica has enabled us at NMES Group to continue our product development and expansion into further business areas at a speed that simply wouldn’t have been possible without their support and incredible facility. Further to that, the partnership with the Mills Fabrica has opened doors that has accelerated our reach into new networks for our supply chain, distribution, recruitment and additional partners. Being part of their incubation program has proven to be a signum of credibility and given us an extended team through their competent staff.

How do I apply?
This programme is upon invitation only. To get in touch, please send an email to
How long does the programme last?
It is a 12-month incubation programme with customized support for the startups and founders.
Who shall apply?
Sustainable startups in the agriculture & food, and textiles & apparel industries that have a proven prototype and traction, and with legal entities registered in Hong Kong or the UK where The Mills Fabrica is currently present physically.
When is the application deadline?
We accept applications all year round, on a rolling basis.
Will I receive an investment?
It is an equity-free incubation programme. There is no financial commitment made upon accepted into this programme. If you are looking for an investment opportunity, [please contact The Mills Fabrica investment team.]
Is there an application fee?
There is no fee for the application process.