Driving Impact through Retail Plastic Circularity Pop Up @ Fabrica X

This year our Innovative Impact Retail Store Fabrica X launched a signature campaign on ocean plastic waste by featuring a selection of sustainable brands with innovative products that use recycled plastic waste as raw materials.

From Trash to Treasure

With an aim to inspire consumers the concept of sustainable consumption from multiple perspectives, and to reverse our habit of fast-paced consumerism, “Plastic Circularity: Trash to Treasure Pop Up” offered innovative products, mini exhibitions and experiential workshops spanning across three key areas: Sustainable Retail, Education, and Experiential Discoveries.

Sustainable Brands

Focusing on ocean plastic waste and plastic recycling, Fabrica X featured a selection of trailblazing sustainable brands, which advocate for the use of recycled waste or ocean plastics as a source of raw material to create a variety of forever pieces in the wardrobe.

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Thematic Workshops

In addition to showcasing conscious lifestyle products, Fabrica X also partnered with The Ocean Material Group to host several Ocean Material Recycling Workshops and a mini exhibition.  All plastic wastes used in the workshop series were collected locally - from HSBC Clean Waterways Program's solar-powered boats and The Mills' shopping mall, which were then sent to New Life Plastics to be processed into flakes. During which, participants experienced the fun in making everyday products from rulers to coasters, using small-scale recycling machines.

The Ocean Material Recycling Workshop was brought to you by Ocean Material, HSBC, HKRITA and New Life Plastics Ltd.

Campaign Highlights
workshop participants
participants are more willing to practice reducing, reusing & recycling in their daily lives
participants gained a better understanding of the usefulness of plastic after the workshop
Impact Measurement

Fabrica X hopes that our Impact Retail strategy can instill a mindset change in our workshop participants through an experiential, educational and sustainable retail model.  Surveys were conducted to find out participants’ understanding and acceptance in different knowledge areas (19% survey uptake):

On Knowledge Gain

participants became more aware of the issue of plastic pollution for the marine ecosystem, human health, and ways of tackling these issues from an individual capacity

  • 58% of participants were able to gain more knowledge in all four key areas of ocean plastic pollution - ocean plastic pollution, the impact of plastic on the marine ecosystem, the impact of plastic on human health and the usefulness of plastics.
  • 73% of participants gained a deeper understanding of the issue of ocean plastic pollution and the impact of plastic on the marine ecosystem
On the Intention
to Live More Sustainably

After understanding the context of ocean plastic pollution in the world and for Hong Kong, participants showed a higher willingness to practice sustainable habits like reduce, reuse, and recycle.

  • Having learnt more about the key issue raised in this year’s Impact Retail concept, 67% of participants said they are more willing to practice reducing, reusing and recycling in their daily lives.
On Promoting Circular Economy

Participant understands that although plastic is environmentally damaging, it has its usefulness especially when used in a circular manner. As such, participants are more willing to not only recycle but activity consider buying items that’s made in a circular way, such as items made from recycled polyester.

  • 73% of participants said they have gained a better understanding of the usefulness of plastic after the workshop, which in part helped motivate participants (89%) to recycle more in their daily lives and express a higher willingness to buy items that are upcycled from plastic waste (88%).
On Reducing Plastics

It is equally important for Fabrica X to introduce the attitude, values and mindset change that’s needed to reduce the unnecessary consumption of plastics. And through our workshops, participants have shown a higher intention to reduce and reuse where possible.

  • 75% of the participant learnt more about the dangers of plastic pollution on our health through our exhibition. This in part, motivated them to be more likely to reduce (86%) and reuse (76%) where possible.

In the long run, Fabrica X aims to catalyze a mindset change where an individual’s value and attitude can lead to the intention to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, through our educational exhibition, experiential/hands-on workshops, and exposure to sustainable retail brands.

Stay tuned to our upcoming campaign on Biomaterials in January 2023.