Space X Lab
Open Day 2023
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May 19 - 20



The Mills Fabrica, Hong Kong4/F, The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong

The Mills Fabrica, a platform for sustainable innovations, occupies the entire 4th floor of The Mills in Tsuen Wan, offering flexible workspace and a prototyping lab to help you turn ideas into reality.

Discover our interactive space through the 2-day event with a collective of sharing sessions, workshops, tours, and showcases at Fabrica Space, a multifunctional work and event space, and Fabrica Lab, the center of creativity to enable a sustainable and innovative future of Techstyle – we are delighted to present our community of like-minded innovators.

19 - 20 May Agenda
Conversations with Innovators

Through the lens of our Lab alumni and biomaterial expertise, discover the stories and interpretations of the latest design insights and sustainability landscape from Hong Kong, Asia and beyond.

F I R E S I D E  C H A T

CEO & Founder of Biofabricate Suzanne Lee & Designer Scarlett Yang
"Biomaterials - Bridging Science and Design" by Biomaterials Knowledge Partner
and Designer Member

Individual Sharing Sessions

“Reimagining Biomaterials: Innovations for the Future”

About the Innovator

Florian and Christine
(Multidisciplinary Designer |Founder of Studio Florian and Christine)

"Pushing Boundaries of Sustainable Design"

About the Innovator

(Workwear Designer | Founder of TMS.SITE)

"Creating workwear for the ‘Industrial Athlete’"

About the Innovator

Scarlett Yang
(Innovation Designer | Founder of Studio Scarlett Yang)

"Redefining the Future of Luxury"

About the Innovator

Vincent Li
(Fashion Designer| Founder of Vincent Li)

"Blurring the Lines in Genderless Fashion"

About the Innovator

Experiential Workshops

Introducing our sustainability workshop series led by our designer community, incubatees, and industry partners, where you can gain hands-on experience in creating handicrafts, from bags and keychains to t-shirts.

Tote-ally Creative: Denim Bag Workshop

Featuring Unspun X Jeanologia

Get a makeover with the Unspun denim leftover – by combining with the Jeanologia laser technology, you can make your own customed denim bag with the exclusive print design by the Fabrica Lab team (the artist Orange Terry).


  • Laser-cutting demonstration
  • Machine sewing tutorial and operation
  • Denim bag assembly and customization

About Unspun:
Every pair of Unspun jeans is made custom fit to your unique body. Their mission is to make the design, manufacturing, and consumption of fashion intentional. Unspun is also one of our outstanding incubatees and investees.

About Jeanologia
With the mission of transforming the textile industry, Jeanologia develops technologies and eco-efficient production models. Their technology focused on achieving a more efficient, sustainable, and automated denim industry.

Layer by Layer: 3D Printing Keychain Workshop

Featuring Studio Florian and Christine X InLab

Come and join our 3D Printing Workshop featuring the design by the multidisciplinary design studio.


  • InLab 3D printing demonstration
  • Keychain design and accessories selection
  • Keychain assembly and customization


About Studio Florian and Christine:
Studio Florian and Christine is a multidisciplinary design studio, working at the intersect of sustainable materials, craft, and social innovation. The studio philosophy involves investigating sustainable materials and how they may be utilized for design-led social innovation.

About InLab:
InLab makes use of the latest technologies and digital platform, aim to strive for revolution in sustainability and performance in products and apparels. Constantly researching and purchasing excellent materials, InLab also aim to develop outstanding technologies using and collaborate with companies for more pioneering ideas and projects.

Discover the World of Virtual Fashion

Featuring Browzwear X 
TG3D Studio


The world of fashion is constantly evolving, and now is the time to enter the virtual realm. Join us and discover innovative ways to integrate 3D simulators into your design process with the incredible collaboration between two digital fashion experts, Browzwear and TG3D Studio.

During the session, you will have the opportunity to experience body scanning using TG3D Studio's Scanatic™ 360 Body Scanner, which generates highly accurate 3D avatars, considered one of the most precise scanning results globally. Afterwards, the Browzwear expert team will guide you through the 3D Product Design process, from the initial design phase of stitching and creating artwork to leveraging colorways and photorealistic 3D rendering.

Don't miss out on this chance to explore the exciting possibilities of 3D simulation in fashion design!


  • • TG3D Studio Body Scanning Experience for Avatar Creation
    • Design in 3D Canvas- decorating your own outfit
    • Rendering Experience
    • Photography Composing on Real Model


About Browzwear:
Browzwear brings the power of 3D to fashion design, development, marketing, and collaboration with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use solutions to get your creative designs to market faster than ever before.

About TG3D Studio:
TG3D Studio is focused on revolutionizing the fashion industry with all-inclusive digital 3D fashion technologies, aimed at empowering fashion designers, manufacturers, and retailers to create a more efficient, creative, and sustainable fashion supply chain.

Waste to Wonder: Eggshell Ceramic Keychain Workshop

by Fabrica X

Eggshell Ceramic, a biomaterial, transforms food waste into biodegradable accessories, replacing our reliance on non-renewable materials. The Eggshell Ceramic Keychain can be dissolved in water and become a fertilizer to provide plant nutrients – a circular material that eliminates waste!

Print Your Style:
T-Shirt Screen Printing Workshop

by Fabrica Lab

Choose your favorite design from a handful of The Mills inspired graphics and learn more about this ancient technique of Screen Printing. Let’s add a personal touch to your new T-shirt!


The Mills Fabrica values innovative ideas to catalyze the growth of a sustainable and creative community. Step into our spaces where purpose meets playful creativity - our designer members, innovation partners and the Fabrica Lab team work hand in hand to display their works and ideas, reflecting the fascinating collision between “Technology” and “Style”. 

Guided Tours

Join us for a glimpse at the intersection of innovation and sustainability through a 45-minute guided tour and experience our thriving innovation ecosystem here at The Mills.


Co-working & event space, prototyping lab and introduction of our innovative and sustainability startups


Our Impact Retail Store


A post-consumer recycling system by our closest partner, HKRITA