Denim Futures
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Sep 21 - Sep 22 (Wed – Thu)


10:00 - 18:00 Hong Kong Time (GMT+8)


A limited quota will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Since indigo dyeing was developed in the Far East in the 16th century, denim has made its way into our lives and evolved from heavy duty work wear to become the most iconic garment of our modern days, creating an industry and a global community of its own.

It has also recently come into the spotlight as one of the most denounced fashion culprit of pollution as climate change concerns are rising and the world is trying to adopt more sustainable practices and processes. So how can we transition our beloved denims into a more sustainable future?

The Mills Fabrica brings you the “Denim Futures” conference and showcase, curating experts insights and sustainable innovations from denim professionals, brands, manufacturers and innovators.

Join us to uncover the latest trends and regulations, sustainable product developments,  innovative materials and processes, and learn more about circular designs and life cycle assessment. Last but not least, this event will provide a great opportunity to network, exchange and explore collaborations.

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Agenda - Sep 21


Welcome Coffee | Showcase Start

Denim Culture & Community
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Denim has its roots dating far back in time to the indigo dying traditions of the Far East, the 16th century European weavers and the 5-pocket jean, which was invented almost 150 years ago in America. Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis obtained a US patent on the process of putting rivets on men's work pants made of a sturdy cotton fabric created in the late 17th century, in Nimes, France, giving birth to the first modern denim, which has since then become one of the most iconic garments ever worn around the world. Originally designed as a durable uniform for heavy duty workers, denim jeans have become an industry in itself, but also a cultural currency, defining the lifestyle of specific communities across the globe. What are the traits and trends of these international denim tribes and how to engage with them?

  • Jenny Chan - Senior Director, Product Design and Development, Lee, Kontoor Brands
  • Penter Yip - Director, Mango Leung - Senior Editor, Fashionary
  • David Tring - Denim Head, The Magic of Denim Consultancy (Moderator)

Sustainable Finance & Regulations      Watch Now

Sustainability has evolved from a "nice to have" conversation to becoming a fashion industry emergency. On the back of Covid reset, what actions should be taken to create a more resilient and sustainable world going forward? Are there any benefits or better ways to take that route?

Lunch Break | Showcase resume at 13:30

Keynote: The Spirit of Denim

Denim has always gone hand in hand with lifestyle, both from a practical point of view and as a cultural and social signifier. It gives us a sense of identity and inspires passion unlike any other fashion category, so when new denim trends shake things up, the impact can be significant.

Denim had a tough time during the pandemic as consumers moved to sweatpants. Many worried about how the category would recover, but now it’s back and projected to be worth $88.1bn globally by 2030 according to Allied Market Research.

The denim industry of today looks very different from the one we knew before the pandemic. WGSN presents a comprehensive look at the industry landscape and highlights the changes that lie ahead. With sustainability as our compass, we dive into the youth drivers that are impacting denim, as well as data-powered fit analysis, industry innovations, and trends in fabric, wash and finish.

  • Anupreet Bhui - Head of Denim, WGSN

Circularity in Design      Watch Now

As the Ellen MacArthur Foundation points outs in one of their reports “A New Textiles Economy”, it is important to break out from the current linear production system of “take, make, dispose” and rethink the entire system and design for circularity. What are the benefits and fundamentals of circular design? How can we adopt such concept in the denim industry?

  • Maximilian Berleb - VP Global Supply Chain of Calvin Klein Asia, PVH
  • Annika Visser - Brand Lead, Unspun
  • Michael Kampe - Professor and Creative Director, Michael Kampe
  • David Tring - Denim Head, The Magic of Denim Consultancy (Moderator)

Coffee Break 

Digital Denim      Watch Now

As we transit into Web 3 world, what does digitalization mean for the denim world? What are the existing implementation and inspiring use case scenarios?

Networking Cocktail 

Agenda - Sep 22

Welcome Coffee | Showcase Start

Conversation: Life Cycle Assessment Workshop       Watch Now

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. There has been much discussion regarding cradle-to-cradle and cradle-to-grave perspectives, which are fundamental in sustainable materials management and circular economy concepts. How Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can be used to formulate operational and policy-making strategies for solid waste management and to reach science-based goals. 

Upcycling Denim       Watch Now

Fashion waste is another major challenge the industry is facing. In Hong Kong alone, close to 400 tonnes of textiles waste end up daily in our already packed landfills. What solutions can our community engage in so that denim can play a positive role in mitigating this disaster?

Lunch Break | Showcase resume at 13:30

Next-Gen Fiber & Fabrics       Watch Now

Beyond cotton, what are the next gen fiber and fabrics that our industry can explore to leverage innovation and step into a more sustainable future? 

  • Chammy Chan - Senior Account Manager, Brand And Retail, Export Market, The LYCRA Company
  • Dennis Hui - Global Business Development Manager Denim, Lenzing Group
  • Kara Hurry - Chief Marketing Officer, FibreTrace
  • John Landis - Creative Director, Frontline Clothing Ltd (Moderator)

Coffee Break 

Next-Gen Sustainable Innovations       Watch Now

What are the other state-of-the-art innovations that can empower us in making the next gen denim more sustainable?

  • Jordi Calucho Barbadillo - Business Development Manager Denim & Casual Wear, Archroma
  • Vir Singh - Brainbox Director-Asia, Jeanologia
  • Michael Lam - Director, Advance Denim (Moderator)

Next-Gen Talent       Watch Now

With a shift in consumer expectations on sustainability and growing innovations reshaping the denim industry, what are the skills and qualifications the next generation of talent needs that could help enhance our workforces?

Networking Cocktail 

Bertha Shum
CEO and Founder - Earthero Project
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Dennis Hui
Global Business Development Manager Denim - Lenzing Group
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Michael Lam
Director - Advance Denim
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Dr. Travis Li
Lecturer - Hong Kong Design Insititute
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