Location: Fabrica Atrium, 4/F The Mills
Time: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Design is all around us. It is inherent in our daily lives. Yet the challenge today is the distinct gap between the world of design and the world of tech/innovation – even though these fields would mutually benefit from learning from each other. This was the inspiration behind the most recent ‘Techstyle Futures’ symposium held at the end of May, co-organized with the UK’s Department for International Trade. With the theme of ‘the future of design’, we brought together the design and tech/innovation communities to explore ‘How Design is Shaping Innovation’ and ‘How Technology is Empowering Design’.


Recap video:



9:00am – 9:30am


9:30am – 12:30nn


• Welcome Introduction

Vanessa Cheung

Managing Director – Nan Fung Development Ltd.

Founder – The Mills

• Great British Design

Paul McComb

Director General Trade & Investment – UK Department for International Trade

• Designing The Mills: A Story Of Revitalization

Ray Zee

Chief Designer – Nan Fung Development Ltd.

• Designing For Hong Kong

Dr Edmund Lee

Executive Director – Hong Kong Design Centre

• Understanding Consumer Psychology To Design Better Innovation

Prof. Coral Puig

Adjunct Assistant Professor – Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Business School Marketing Department

• Organizing Design In Chaotic Startup Environment

Walden Lam

Chief Hustler & Co-Founder – Unspun

• Design Thinking For Innovation

Marcus Lui

Executive Director – Design Thinking in Action

• Design Thinking For Corporate Innovation

Bosco Leung

Senior Corporate Strategy Manager – MTR Corporation Limited

• Designing A Great HK Brand

Quinn Lai

Founder and Director – EONIQ

• Design Thinking For Entrepreneurship

Garrett Winther

Partner – HAX

12:30nn – 2:00pm


2:00pm – 5:00pm


• The Future – Digital Design

Sharon Lim

CEO – Browzwear

• Trash Is Our Building Block

Arthur Huang

CEO & Founder – Miniwiz

• Digitally Empowering The Fashion Industry

Hervé Haubursin

Marketing Manager – TG3D Studio

• The Future Of Screen-Free Interactions

Kevin Johan Wong

Co-Founder and CEO – Origami Labs

• When Tech Meet Design to Save Life

Eu-wen Ding

Co-Founder and CEO – Lumos

• Techstyle Future For Design:
From Production To Retail

Alexander Chan

Co-Director – The Mills Fabrica

5:00pm onwards




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