/ 2022

Central Saint Martins



Algae as future fashion


The aim of this project is to create an algae system for the fashion industry that includes an ecosystem of fashion collections. Through this project, we offer to help build bridges between traditional craftsmanship, biotechnology and fashion. We are trying to preserve nature and embrace traditional technology. The machine is based on algae experiments, an idea that gets rid of linear waste and fashion pollution and integrates resources into a closed-loop system.

Humans should work with nature, not control it. I want to simulate a wearable project for the people of the future. This project could serve the virtual industry, for example virtual clothing combined with VR technology to create value. For example, there is already the technology of seaweed as yarn, a new material clothing that uses algae to create clothing lines. In this project I will design a seaweed printing machine that combines traditional warp and weft printing techniques with photosynthesis. The algae dye will be grown directly onto the fabric and part of the garment will be made from this fabric. In addition, algae has been experimented with as a resource for 3D printing consumables to directly print algae-based wearable accessories. These interdisciplinary projects could enable the exploration of many directions regarding the future of fashion development.

(Fashion, Biodesign,3D printing, Algae, Sustainable,Craft)