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The Mills Fabrica releases “Synthetic Biology Opportunities in Fashion and Food”  

The report explores the synthetic biology sector, discussing how the technology is incorporated into the fashion and food sectors to solve global sustainability issues 




14 Jul. 2021 – The Mills Fabrica is thrilled to launch a new report – “Synthetic Biology Opportunities in Fashion and Food”. Synthetic biology, short for synbio, a new discipline within modern biotechnology that aims to precisely design and redesign new and existing biological systems. This enables the creation of new products with specific, customized functions, offering promising solutions to various industry challenges, including developing bio-based dyes to minimize the use of toxic chemical dyes, creating alternative proteins to reduce the reliance on livestock farming, and more. 


The synbio sector is expected to have high growth potential, projecting to grow at 24% CAGR to 2025. 




This report serves as a starting guide for industry players and investors interested in getting involved in the synbio space, offering key insights in three focus areas: 

  • The emergence of synbio – explaining how synbio works, identifying key drivers that contribute to the recent synbio boom 
  • Innovation trends in fashion and food – explores innovation trends within the fashion and food industries, discussing how industry issues are addressed in the following categories: 
    • Fashion – new materials, textile processing
    • Food – agriculture, food additives & ingredients, alternative proteins  
  • Building impactful collaborations – illustrates the key steps involved when forming corporate-startup collaborations, highlighting the synergies and values brought about via corporate-startup collaborations

If you’re interested to learn more, click the button below to download the full report.  



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