Summer 2021

As the Covid-19 pandemic reshuffles the world’s economy, it is high time to ponder what we can do better for our planet.


Robotics Solutions In Agrifood And Fashion Industries
A Key To Solving The Population Crisis In Asia

The imminent population crisis is leading to a labor shortage, creating an opportunity for innovators to develop robotics solutions to maintain the productivity level of our manufacturing industry. To date, Asia has the highest robot density in the world. The first article will shed light on how automation and robotics solutions are helping the agrifood and fashion industries brace for population decline. Read More


The Greater Bay Area: Global Cradle For Hardware And Wearables

According to International Data Corporation (IDC), China exported over 70 million units of wearable products in 2020 – with most of them developed and made in Shenzhen. With its talents and resources, Shenzhen and adjacent cities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) have built an ecosystem to nurture the next wearables unicorns. In this article, we will introduce some of the wearables startups who have successfully grown their businesses by leveraging the advantages of the GBA ecosystem.

Interview with NMES Group

Born In Sweden, Global Launch, From Hong Kong

Following the previous feature about the Greater Bay Area (GBA) wearables ecosystem, Richard Statham, CEO of NMES Group, shares his first-hand experience of innovating wearables in Hong Kong.

Founded in Sweden, NMES Group is an incubatee of The Mills Fabrica that takes performance wear to the next level using Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) technology. The startup has chosen Hong Kong, where it develops and optimizes its products leveraging the ecosystem to open its innovation hub.

Event Recap

Ecosystem Summit 2021
At StartmeupHK Festival

In May, The Mills Fabrica organized the Ecosystem Summit at StartmeupHK Festival 2021, a half-day conference with panel discussions themed around Strengthening Hong Kong Innovation Ecosystems. Read More

REWIRE: Sustainability 2021
– An Intervention For Fashion

Co-organized by MOTIF & The Mills Fabrica, Rewire: Sustainability 2021 is a 3-day virtual event convening over 70 like-minded corporates, brands, NGOs, entrepreneurs, and scholars to discuss how we can bring about a closed-looped fashion industry. Read More


Future Meat:
The Novel Food Market Thrives In Asia

As consumer awareness for sustainable living rises in Asia, the region has become a testing ground for
cell and plant-based products. Our feature story will introduce how brand partnerships and food regulators’
support have enabled food tech startups to take off in the continent.


A Monument To Sustainability And Innovation:
The Mills Fabrica Has Opened Its Second
Physical Hub In London

At The Mills Fabrica, we not only help startups to innovate new products in Asia, but also help to bring their cutting-edge ideas to the world arena – With the opening of a branch in London this August, we expand the realm of our support to startups in the apparel / textiles and agrifood tech industries that are driving a more sustainable future.


The Mills Fabrica And Central Saint Martins Announce The Winner Of Innovation Award 2021

In our endeavour to foster innovations that can bring positive changes to our future, we cannot ignore the next generation, and are proud to announce The Mills Fabrica Innovation Prize was awarded to a Central Saint Martins graduate of the MA Biodesign program. We look forward to welcoming this promising innovator for a residency at Fabrica Lab and assist in taking her work to the next level.

Interview with NTX

“Asia Is The Critical Hub.”

Jeffrey Hsu On Consumer Demand For Sustainable Products And Production Capacity In Asia

Over the last few decades, Asia has evolved from a textile manufacturing and sourcing location to a cradle of material innovations. Readers can learn about the advantages of launching a material innovation business in Asia in our interview with NTX, a world leading textile innovation and solutions company and a Fabrica incubatee.


Materials Innovations From Asia To Global At A Glance

Aside from NTX, there are startups and corporates have also pushed forward the development of materials innovations in Asia by launching partnerships with other industry players.