The Supplant Company Has Debuted Premium Inclusions For The First Time To Retail Partners


The Supplant Company has debuted premium inclusions, beginning with Supplant™ chocolate chips, as well as Supplant™ milk and dark chocolate bars, now available for the first time to retail partners. The company also  debuted its sugar replacement in three Michelin-starred restaurants run by chef Thomas Keller in June 2021, featuring Supplant-branded ice cream and shortbread on the dessert menu at French Laundry, Per Se, and Bouchon Bakery. The company launched ice cream with Sweet Republic available in three flavors in August 2021.

(Image Courtesy: Business Wire)


The Supplant Company is defining a new category of food ingredient: sugars from fiber. Supplant™ sugars from fiber is a brand-new blend of sugars, derived from the fiber-rich parts of crops such as stems, stalks, husks and cobs, has fewer calories than cane sugar, a low glycemic response, and the benefits of a prebiotic. Just like traditional sugar, Supplant™ sugars from fiber can be used in baking and cooking.

(Image Courtesy: Kuba Wieczorek)