Meet the Winners of Techstyle for Social Good 2022

The annual competition “Techstyle For Social Good” has concluded successfully with 5 winners from Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK and Nigeria.

Among 250 submissions, which showcased great potentials in steering innovation and positive impact, we are thrilled to announce our winners of this year’s competition.

Learn more about the winning teams’ innovations and their visions in achieving social good:

Grand Prize Winners

the moonbeam co.

The team from Singapore transforms unserved rice and brewers' spent grains into granola product, contributing to food security through more efficient use of resources, hence reducing food waste.

“We are looking to scale our processes while finding ways to spread awareness of food waste and food waste upcycling.”
- Jia Wei Lim, En Cheng Varden Toh, and Qi Herng Kong (National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University)

Grand Prize Winners
Apparel / Textiles


They extract fibers from potato harvest waste to create fibers. Founded in the UK, their solution consumes 90% less land and 96% less water than cotton, and 94% CO2e savings compared to polyester.

“In the short term, we will continue R&D to reduce the cost of the sustainable process with the intention of making the material price competitive with cotton.”
- Idan Gal-Shohet, Hazel Gonda, Premal Gadhia, Pablo Duran Millan, and David Prior Hope (Imperial College London)

Special Prize Winners


Based in Hong Kong, the innovation is a biobased coating that could extend the shelf life of fruits, reducing food loss and infection risk in delivery. Through recycling naturally bio-safe materials, the biopolymers are transformed into functional nanomaterials, creating a protective layer that prevents germ growth on fruits.

“We put a strong emphasis on translating research excellence into real-world applications for the benefit of society as our long-term goal”
- Dr. Tenny Lam, Prof. Pei Li and Dr. Chun Ho Yam (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Special Prize Winners
Apparel / Textiles

Redivivum Technology

Developed by students from the UK and Hungary, the HaaS (Hardware as a Service) solution collects and sorts textile waste with a fully traceable infrastructure, enabling fashion industry players to transparently monitor the lifecycle of their textile waste.

“We are looking to quickly form partnerships and connection with leading brands in the fashion sector, this way we will be able to scale our solution and bring it to the market”
- Szilvia Turi and Aron Siska (Istituto Marangoni London and Budapest University of Technology and Economics)

Community Prize Winner

Smartel Farmtech

Founded in Nigeria, Smartel Farmtech is a smart hydroponic farming system that empowers small holder farmers and unemployed youth by lowering the entry barrier of commercial agriculture with intensive urban farming and mentorship programs.

"Our goal is to employ young urban unemployed youth in agriculture and also bring youth onboard as independent urban farmers who own their own hydroponic farm systems."
- Nathan Ata Elnathan (University of Jos)

Coming up next, Grand and Special Prize winners would be given extensive support to develop their projects including: 3-month residencies at The Mills Fabrica in our spaces either in Hong Kong or London, mentorship, access to flexible coworking space, Fabrica Lab, and exposure opportunities to media, The Mills Fabrica’s industry partners and community through events and showcases, as well as a cash prizes.

Stay tuned to follow the journey of these exciting winning projects.