Combating COVID-19 Series: How You Can Play A Role To Help?


COVID-19 has affected each and every one of us – including society’s most vulnerable communities. We, at The Mills Fabrica, have been wondering how we can play a more active role and help those in need during this challenging time. In this webinar, we invited Saadia Usmani, Communications Consultant and Broadcaster, along with special guests from charitable organizations to share their stories and insights on how you can give back to your local community. Check out some of these tips to see how you can support the community:

Make a donation

Charities are seeing a shortage in funding and resources as this outbreak evolves. Everyone who wants to help ease the impact on our communities can donate necessities to charities such as milk and diapers to Pathfinders, and masks and computers for online learning to Society for Community Organization (SoCo). Meanwhile, with the cancellation of many fundraising events, the charities are now actively seeking more funding. To help charities support the marginalized communities in Hong Kong during this challenging time, do consider making a donation where possible!

Sign up to volunteer

“Go out there and show kindness to people.” Jeff from ImpactHK says, which is dedicated to serving the homeless. It is crucial to provide timely support in this challenging time. People can sign up to volunteer to help deliver items, food and masks to the community. Although much of the world’s population are under lockdown, there are plenty of “volunteer from home” opportunities. Sze from SoCo elaborated that, you can now even volunteer via Whatsapp as a teacher to support students struggling to study at home.


Support the charities

Raising awareness is perhaps one of the simplest ways in which we can all help. Him Lo from The Mills shared a recent project “Food House” (“壹屋兩餐」計劃”) which is a pop-up takeaway food store to support “invisible groups” and provide affordable food to those most in need. Efforts to show support and spread awareness of good charitable initiatives are very much valued and appreciated by these charities. People can also subscribe to their newsletter and follow them on social media. All of these are simple yet effective tasks that give real support to the charities.


Key takeaway

Amidst this crisis, we are all going through a journey of rediscovery and trying to adapt to the new normal. Let us embrace the changes and show more compassion, positivity, and kindness to our communities. Together we will overcome this and come out stronger on the other side!

About the host, Saadia Usmani

Saadia Usmani has spent more than 30 years in the media, working with BBC Radio and Television and Public Relations. She has media trained over 700 individuals in the UK from a variety of organizations, equipping them with skills to deal with both positive and negative media interest. Saadia currently works as a freelance Presenter and Producer for RTHK Radio 3 and as a media consultant and trainer.

Guest Speakers

Catherine Gurtin, CEO, Pathfinders- Ensures that the most vulnerable and unsupported children in Hong Kong are protected and respected, and their migrant mothers are empowered to find a path to a bright future

Jeff Rotmeyer, Founder, ImpactHK – A registered Hong Kong charity transforming the lives of the homeless and giving them a second chance

SZE Lai Shan, Community Organizer, SoCO – ‘For people, we care, For Justice We Act!’ SoCO serves the most deprived groups in Hong Kong

Him Lo, Senior Manager, Cultural & Community Engagement, The Mills – Cooperates with local communities to develop more possibilities for textiles and bring it back into our daily lives

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Society for Community Organization

The Mills


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