Unveil the Wonder of Biomaterials
A plantable Christmas card

We designed this sustainable greeting card to celebrate Christmas and share our love with the community. The card is handmade from seed paper embedded with basil seeds, together with an upcycled fabric ornament hand-crafted in the Fabrica Lab, we hope this unique festive card will bring you joy and love.

Let’s plant the card and unveil the wonder of biomaterials at Fabrica X in Jan 2023.

A good conscience is a continual Christmas.
Benjamin Franklin

About Fabrica Lab

Fabrica Lab is a state-of-the-art maker space that merges the traditional capabilities of a prototyping lab with garment-making and fashion-focused facilities, allowing all creators to bring their projects to the next level. It is also a to-go platform for our partners to customize corporate workshops and co-create corporate gifts.

Contact us at contact@themillsfabrica.com

About the seed paper by Conscious Paper

With a mission to identify new materials to replace existing paper, Conscious Paper partnered with award-winning ethical factories in India to reduce the burden on our trees; make innovative and functional products out of sustainable paper and educate clients in implementing sustainable goals for their organization.

Learn more: https://consciouspaper.com/