The Mills Fabrica are proud to announce our 2 new incubatees – Unspun and Simple Pieces both whom are pushing forth techstyle in new areas. Unspun is currently creating the future of production and retail both through their customized jeans products as well as the development of an on-demand weaving machine that can then be integrated into shops as a new form of retail. While Simple Pieces is seeking to create a new brand focused on being authentically yours and targeting to be every woman’s simple wardrobe pieces. What we love most about these 2 incubatees are how they are simultaneously creating or disrupting more than 1 of those 3 themes in which we described techstyle (improvements in production process, new retail model, wearables merging tech/ design). Unspun is both improving production process while creating a new retail model while simple pieces is creating a new brand of apparel while utilizing ecommerce as retail.

About The Mills Fabrica Incubator

Fabrica is the leading techstyle incubator helping to support & grow startups in techstyle (intersection of technology and style including fashion tech, high tech materials & IoL wearables). We offer a 12-month incubation programme that provides customized support and help for our incubatees and we accept applications throughout the year on a rolling basis. Our customized incubator offers support ranging from advisory (on strategy/ operations), connections (to potential retailers/ brands/ manufacturers) and becoming part of our community (including interacting with other startups from our incubation or investments as well as other industry partners we work with).

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