A Reimagination of the Material Space  Biomaterials Pop Up @ Fabrica X 

"Biomaterials" highlighted the pressing issue of consumer goods made from conventional materials such as fossil fuel-derived synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Both of which contribute to increased greenhouse gas emissions and environmental degradation.   

To address this, Fabrica X curated the Biomaterials campaign to showcase the potential of biomaterials as a promising solution to drive sustainable innovations in the material space. By bringing innovators and industry players into the same space, we aim to accelerate the development and promotion of biomaterials and instigate a knowledge-attitude shift within the public's mindset. Through our Impact Retail model, we hope this helps accelerate the industry towards circularity.  

The Future of Sustainability

The future of sustainability is a paradigm shift starting in industries and businesses and shaping consumer behaviors

The campaign, organized by Fabrica X and sponsored by Fidelity International, invited participants on a tactile journey with biomaterials through curated selections of material innovators, sustainable brands commercializing innovative materials, and immersive nature-based workshops.   

Both Fabrica X and Fidelity International are committed to fostering an eco-conscious mindset and a more sustainable future. Through this campaign, we recognized Biomaterials as a significant catalyst for sustainable progress, promoting regenerative practices that harness waste and microbiology to shape a more sustainable future.  

The campaign was also supported by Lenzing, as well as our Knowledge Partner Biofabricate.  

Sustainable Brands
Discover our uniquely curated selection of sustainable pieces using nature-based and alternative materials that are one-of-a-kind items to advocate the experience of sustainable living that is less harmful to the environment.
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Explore a range of game-changing Material Innovators accelerating solutions for the future with sustainable alternative materials such as organic waste, nature-based, biological process to traceable linen for textile and lifestyle products.
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Thematic Workshops

In addition to showcasing conscious lifestyle products, we also partnered with brands and social innovators to offer experiential workshops for the public to experience the wonder of biomaterials  

Campaign Highlights
workshop participants
individuals who are previously indifferent about the impact of materials gained awareness about the effect of materials in clothing production
individuals show a high likelihood of purchasing clothing made from biomaterials 
Impact Measurement

Fabrica X aims to foster a transformative shift in mindset among our workshop participants through an experiential, educational, and sustainable retail model as the core of our Impact Retail strategy.   

Surveys were conducted to assess participants' understanding and receptiveness across various knowledge domains (69% survey response rate):  

On the impact of clothing production

Fabrica X aims to alter the intentions of indifferent individuals who typically overlook the environmental impact of clothing. Through our Impact Retail concept, we aim to inspire consumers to think about the environmental impact of clothing in their future purchases. 

1. Individuals who were neutral or unlikely to care about the impact of clothing production before the experience changed their minds after visiting Fabrica X

  • 48% of individuals who previously were neutral or unlikely to care about the impact of material production in clothing production will now consider the environmental impact of materials before making any future purchases​  
  • 54% have become moderately to extremely aware of the positive benefits of biomaterials. ​  
  • 69% of individuals are likely to extremely likely to purchase clothing made from biomaterials. ​  
On knowledge about the importance of material choices for sustainable production and consumption

Understanding the impact of material choices on clothing production is vital for consumers to make informed choices; this includes understanding the impact of conventional materials and the potential of new forms of materials, such as biomaterials.​ 

2. After the experience, most individuals have experienced a strong change in their understanding of materials. Including:​ 

  • 80% of all individuals have a better understanding of the environmental impact of conventional materials (cotton, polyester, etc)​  
  • 90% of all individuals think biomaterials have an essential role in making the industry more sustainable ​  
  • 66% of all individuals will consider more about the material makeup of clothing before making any purchase​  
On adapting to more sustainable purchasing habits

It’s equally important that an increase in awareness and knowledge on environmental issues related to clothing production can be translated into the intention to act. One way to create lasting impact is to educate individuals on sustainable purchasing habits.

3. Individuals are more likely to take up sustainable purchasing habits after visiting and learning about the benefits of biomaterials.​ 

  • After the experience Individuals are more likely to take up at least one new sustainable habits after visiting and learning about the benefits of biomaterials, with 55% (330)of individuals intend to practice more sustainable habits such as 'Read material labels on items', 'Purchase items made biomaterials' or 'Buy less virgin polyester fabric'.   
On consumer intention to support sustainable brands

It is equally important to understand whether increases in knowledge and intentions to adopt sustainable consumption habits could translate into support for innovative brands.​ 

4. After the experience, all individuals are willing to support sustainable brands. With individuals willing to pay an average price premium of 16.7% for sustainable products.  


  • 58% say they are likely or very likely to support sustainable brands ​  
  • 25% willing to pay a 20% premium ​  
  • 14% willing to pay a 50% premium   

Fabrica X has a long-term goal of inspiring a shift in mindset, encouraging individuals to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle. We strive to achieve this through our educational exhibition, interactive workshops, and by providing access to sustainable retail brands.  

Check out our latest "Denim Futures" Campaign until 22 July 2024, where we showcase the future of denim and celebrate the progress and commitment to sustainable practices that the industry has made.