Techstyle For Social Good Global Innovation Challenge

Sustainability Empowered by Young Innovators

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01TFSG 2024

Since 2019, The Mills Fabrica hosts the 'Techstyle For Social Good’ Global Innovation Challenge annually to drive positive environmental and social impact through awarding techstyle and agrifood prizes to game-changing solutions from young innovators.

Open to students or recent graduates, 'Techstyle For Social Good' receives submissions globally, while finalists present their projects to a world-class panel of judges. Our esteemed past judges include representatives from Adidas Group, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Tin Shed Ventures (Patagonia), Material Innovation Initiative, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) etc.

The winners will be rewarded with a cash prize and receive support from us and our partners. This support includes a mentorship program, networking opportunities, test kitchen residency, and more.

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Applications Open
13 May 2024
Applications Close
28 June 2024
Selection and Evaluation
Jul - Aug 2024
Community Voting
Aug 2024
Final Pitching in Hong Kong
20 Sep 2024
Final Pitching in Hong Kong
20 Sep 2024
Community Voting
Aug 2024
The Categories:
Techstyle Track

The textile and apparel industry faces immense pressure to address its substantial social and environmental impact. While traditional manufacturing heavily relies on resource-intensive materials and practices, identifying innovations, from new materials to transformative design, is critical to enhancing sustainability across the supply chain.

This year, the Techstyle Track sheds light on identifying innovative solutions in alternative materials and generative design to enhance the performance, sustainability, and efficiency of apparel products and manufacturing processes.

Photo Courtesy: Fibe
2. Agrifood Tech Track

The agrifood industry encounters significant challenges in the quest for a sustainable and resilient agrifood ecosystem. Conventional practices often lead to environmental degradation and social concerns, relying heavily on resource-intensive methods.

Issues such as food waste, production inefficiencies, and the environmental impact of conventional agriculture demand urgent attention. Moreover, there is a growing need to meet the demand for alternative food ingredients that are both sustainable and nutritious.

To address these challenges, the Agrifood Tech Track focuses on identifying innovative solutions in alternative food ingredients, upcycled solutions, and agrifood waste byproducts

Photo: The Moonbeam Co.; Courtesy: The DBS Foundation
02TFSG 2024
Judging Criteria

Submissions will be judged on the following criteria by a panel of distinguished industry experts and world-renowned design academia:


Standing out from others with uniqueness to the market in terms of concept, design, technology and user experience to provide game-changing solutions solving a real-world problem

Impact to society

Maximizing resource productivity, being kinder to our planet, minimizing impact on the environment that improve lives, and contributing to a better society


The business model is able to grow without being hampered by its structure or available resources when faced with increased production

03TFSG 2024

Worth over HKD 550,000

Winners will receive essential support to develop their projects including 3-month residencies at The Mills Fabrica in our spaces either in Hong Kong or London, mentorship, access to flexible coworking space, Fabrica Lab, and exposure opportunities to media, The Mills Fabrica’s industry partners and community through events and showcases, as well as a cash prizes.

Stipends during residency in Hong Kong or London
Hot desk memberships in Hong Kong or London
Complimentary lab membership and discount^
Residency support at our ecosystem partner's test kitchen*
Incubation & Connections
Incubation and mentorship support by Fabrica team
Access to Fabrica community events
Networking opportunities
Tailor mentorship program by our ecosystem partner's team^
Immersion trip hosted by our ecosystem partner*

Cash Prize
Up to HKD 20,000 (~USD 2,500)

^ For techstyle winners
* For agrifood tech winners

04TFSG 2024
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