Techstyle Futures: Materials Innovation for Sustainability

Location: Fabrica Atrium, 4/F The Mills
Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm

A symposium to hear from global fashion industry leaders such as Lenzing, Gap, Cotton Council International and HKRITA, techstyle startups including Algalife, Dimpora, Mango Materials, Re:newcell and Resortecs, to learn more about the latest material innovations, their challenges and how to take them to scale.


Symposium will be in 2 segments:

  • Materials Innovation for Sustainability – Covering the latest emerging trends and technologies for material innovation
  • From Revolution to Scalability – Discussing the best practices and challenges in taking innovations to scale



【 Materials Innovation for Sustainability】

10:30 Welcoming Speech

Nan Fung Development Ltd. & The Mills

10:40 Shaping The Future Of Fashion Through Biodesign

Modern Synthesis

11:00 Algalife
11:20 Can Emission Waste Be Repurposed For Good?

Mango Materials

11:40 Thread Of Sustainability


12:00 Sustainable Functional Membranes For High Performance Outerwear


12:20 Regenerate, Reinvent, Repurpose…The New 3 Rs of Sustainability


12:40 Lunch


【From Revolution to Scalability】

13:40 Lenzing
14:00 NewTech Textiles
14:20 GAP
14:40 Re:newcell
15:00 Future Of Cotton
15:20 Onwards Networking