Techstyle Futures: Innovations for Global Change (UK Edition)

Location: Cottam House, 36-40 York Way, London, UK
Time: 8:30am – 3:00pm

The Mills Fabrica is hosting its first ever event outside of Hong Kong, in none other than the fashion capital and innovation hub of the world: London.

This symposium will deliver to guests insights from global techstyle industry pioneers including Design Council, WGSN, Kering, H&M Foundation, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), Crystal Group and the latest techstyle innovations transforming the fashion industry including Reflaunt, Unspun, MOTIF, Algalife and Resortecs. Attendees will also be able to experience the startups’ innovations at our pop-up.

Following its success in Hong Kong (held in Nov 2018), we are excited to share this symposium with the UK audience and engage them in the conversation about creating a more sustainable fashion industry for the planet.

Recap video: 






Announcing the Launch of The Mills HK in the UK Michael Charlton

Director of Investment – Department for International Trade

Introducing The Mills: From Textile to Techstyle Vanessa Cheung

Managing Director – Nan Fung Development Ltd

Founder – TheMills

Hong Kong & Great Britain: A Partnership to Celebrate Great Designs Sarah Weir

CEO – Design Council

Sustainability: Now & Next Helen Palmer

Director of Materials, Textiles & Knitwear – WGSN

Stella McCartney Claire Bergkamp

Worldwide Sustainability & Innovation Director – Stella McCartney

Sharing Sustainability Practices Christine Goulay

Sustainable Innovation Senior Manager – Kering

Futureproofing Fashion Erik Bang

Innovation Lead – H&M Foundation

A Successful Case Study: Hong Kong Sustainability Breakthrough Edwin Keh

CEO – The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA)

Sustainability Journey in Crystal Catherine Chiu

General Manager of Corporate Quality & Sustainability – Crystal Group

Far Eastern New Century: Empowering Possibilities Jeffrey F-Hsu,

Manager – R&D Center, Innovations, Marketing & Partnerships Office – Far Eastern New Century (FENC)





Supporting the Future of Techstyle Alexander Chan

Co-Director – The Mills Fabrica

Reflaunt: Bringing Fashion Full Circle Felix Winkler

Co-Founder & CCO – Reflaunt

Unspun Walden Lam

Co-Founder – Unspun

MOTIF: Skills for Sustainable Business Jackie Lewis

Chief Content Curator – MOTIF

Algalife Renana Krebs

Co-Founder & CEO – Algalife

Resortecs Stitching Thread – A Key Solution To Make Fashion Circular Cédric Vanhoeck

Founder – Resortecs

Re:newcell: Recycling Clothes Finally Works Jenny Fredricsdotter

Circular Business Manager – Re:newcell

Petit Pli Ryan Mario Yasin

Founder & CEO – Petit Pli