MFB 5.0 Crowdfunding

WHAT IS “MFB 5.0”?

MFB 5.0 stands for a 5-in-1 Multipurpose Family Backpack – designed by Hong Kong secondary school students

The winning team of The Mills Summer Program 2017 have created an innovative 5-in-1 backpack with the vision to bring families closer together by making days out more convenient and enjoyable. MFB 5.0 has 5 components – each one can be used separately or assembled together as one bag!

Dad’s Rucksack

Expandable – can be used in 3 ways

Exterior pockets and adjustable straps for extra storage
(for bottle, picnic mat, yoga mat or tripod etc.)

Hidden panel inside to store items separately

Secret pocket to access items quickly

Mom’s Tote Bag

Foldable into a compact size

Perfect for grocery shopping


Kid’s Backpack

Transforms into a bright green dinosaur / shoulder bag

Fun for kids to carry their own belongings

Light-reflective strip making it safe to use at night


Picnic Mat

Ideal for a day out in the park

Mosquito repellent

Convenient to carry around


USB Charge Port

Charge your phone on-the-go
never be without battery again

Water Resistant

MFB 5.0 is made using durable and versatile fabric to cope with unpredictable situations that may occur in the outdoors. Whether its rain or spillage, all your belongings are kept clean and dry.


Coated with Anti-Mos™, invented by the Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA), the bag safeguards you and your family from insects, making your day out more pleasant and bug-free! The anti-mosquito technology coats fabric with microcapsules loaded with insect repellent certified by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) USA. These microcapsules adhere durably to fabrics and release insect repellent over time, causing neuro-excitement, which drives them away. The fabric technology has been tested to effectively repel insects even after 70 washes. Odorless, it allows MFB 5.0 to be the perfect companion for happy and safe family outings in the nature.



Behind MFB 5.0 are 5 students from Shau Kei Wan East Government Secondary School in Hong Kong. MFB 5.0 was designed with passion, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit, and a unique opportunity for the children to apply what they have learned in their ‘Technology and Living’ course and The Mills Summer Program, to a real-life project. The final result: a product that can help improve people’s lifestyle and bring families closer together.

How the students would use MFB5.0!:

LoLo:     “Use MFB 5.0 to ascend all the summits in China!”

Mandy:  “Carry MFB 5.0 to go picnic with my parents.”

Abby:    “Enjoy the cherry blossom and autumn leaves seasons in Japan on the picnic mat.”

Inez:      “Take MFB 5.0 to Thailand and experience the culture!”

Ka-Sin:  “Travel with my family through the vast Mongolian Grassland using MFB 5.0!”


The Program held in June-August 2017 provided students with the opportunity to explore their interests and build skills that put them on the path to success, giving them a real taste of the business world. 25 students from 6 secondary schools were given tours around leading corporations and met with designers, business partners, startups, NGO’s and professionals within the textile industry. Visits to workshops allowed the students to see first-hand the design process, paper pattern drawing and sewing techniques. The Program also taught students about business basics: product development, supply chain and production, sales and marketing. Mentoring was provided by The Mills Fabrica team, incubatees and professionals.