The Mills Fabrica

Lab Manager / Assistant

Posted on: 20 August 2020

The Mills Fabrica is now looking to hire a Lab Manager / Assistant to help lead and operating Fabrica Lab; to help organize day to day lab operations and plan programming for lab.


Lab Administration

  • Ensure lab day to day operations, machines, consumable and tools are in place and good condition
  • Set up safety system and training for all lab users creating machinery and areas access levels
  • Set up working flow methods to have fair and good environment around the use of the lab
  • Trouble shooting of sewing machines and other lab machinery
  • Manage lab budget for daily operation


Technical Support and Lab Development

  • Create basic training programs and instructions data base for a safe use of the lab and machinery operation
  • Be available on certain days or time slots for technical support on machinery use or other technicalities for use of the Lab
  • Be main contract of all machinery suppliers for extra support when needed
  • Mentorship for student residents to develop and guide them through their projects.
  • Technical support for lab equipment (laser cutting / 3D body scanner / sewing machine / 3D printers)
  • Continuous research for new technologies, materials and partners. Ex. Fair, supplier visits, etc.


Lab Community Development & Programming

  • Organizing on training session for new members and lab workshop
  • Organize workshops to demonstrate the use of technologies in the lab and give a better perspective on how to use them.
  • Be constantly in contact with residents and start ups making sure the lab setup is optimal to help on their developments and address issues when needed
  • Tailor workshops for the general public, schools and specific communities
  • Create partnership with other labs and expand capabilities of Fabrica by leveraging their expertise and equipment
  • Bring together start ups and residents with vendors and suppliers from our network, organizing seminars to present new technologies, materials, etc.
  • Assist on The Mills Fabrica & Techstyle X Store events and activities


  • Bachelor’s degree related to Fashion / Technology is highly preferred
  • 2-8 years working experience in either other maker spaces / lab facilities or in education institutions focused on technology prototyping and programming
  • Hands-on skill with strong passion in fashion and technology as well as interest in education / running of workshops / programmes
  • Strong communication skill and interpersonal skills
  • Basic sewing skills
  • Fast learner willing to adapt and take on new challenges
  • Proficient in both written and spoken English/ Chinese
  • Proficient in all Microsoft softwares.
  • Proficient in Adobe Design Software’s such as Illustrator/photoshop/premier

Company Overview:

The Mills is a landmark heritage and innovation project by the Nan Fung Group consisting of 3 pillars- a nonprofit Center for Heritage, Arts & Textiles (CHAT), an experiential retail mall Shopfloor and an innovation center Fabrica.

The Mills Fabrica runs a startup incubator, a VC investment fund, a co-working space/ lab and store. The focus area for Fabrica is “techstyle”- companies at the intersection of technology and lifestyle (specifically focusing on apparel/ textiles and agri/ food tech including innovations improving the production process/supply chain, next-gen brands/ products and new retail experiences/ enabling technologies). The Mills Fabrica’s mission is to create startup success stories and to build a wider community of corporates and organizations to inspire the industry and the next generation for innovation.

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