2018 StartmeupHK 创业节:Internet of Life Summit


StartmeupHK Festival 2018 (http://www.startmeup.hk/festival2018/ ) is one of the largest startup conferences and events in Hong Kong
organized by the Hong Kong Government InvestHK. The conference will take place from 28th January 2018 to 2nd February 2018, focusing on
different themes each day.

The physical internet is changing everything – from where we live, what we eat, to how we move – even what we wear.

Join us for the Internet of Life Summit

Hosted by the Brinc.co & The Mills Fabrica

The Internet of Life Summit brings together the people, companies and ideas shaping the future of how connectivity is re-shaping the world and how we interact with it.

February 2nd, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

Learn from 25 of Asia’s most inspirational speakers and facilitators.

With interactive workshops, keynotes and panels.

Vanessa Cheung,
Founder at The Mills

Sonalie Figueiras, Founder and CEO at Green Queen & Ekowarehouse

Veronika Kuznetsova, Managing Director at Fintech Supercharger

Desmond Ko,
Director at Leatherteq Limited

Kevin Wong,
Co-founder & CEO at Origami Labs

Alexandra Foster,
Founder & CEO at ACF Clothing

Leonhard Weese,
President at Bitcoin Association

Tony Verb, Co-founder at GreaterBay Ventures & Advisors

Dr. David Chung, Under Secretary for Innovation and Technology, InvestHK

Alan Patrick,
Head of Sales at Biorna Quantics

David Goldsmith, Inventor, Adviser, Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur

Fred Chak,
Founder of the Blocks wearables

Deborah Negrash,
General Manager at Naked Hub

Jane Lippencott,
Co-founder at Zensystems

Yan Chan, Business Development Director, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

Jeffrey F. Hsu, Manager, R&D Center – Innovations, Marketing & Partnerships Office at FENC

Richard Kelly,
Chief Catalyst at Fung Group

Ben Cheng, Assistant General Manager at New World Development

Walter Jennings, Vice President, Corporate Communications at Huawei

Edwin Keh, CEO, The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel

Justin Gregory,
Founder and CEO at Biorna Quantics

James Bernardo,
Programme Director at Garage Society

Brian Tam, Fashion & Marketing Project Manager at Woolmark

Walden Lam,
Co-founder at Unspun

Janice Wang,
CEO at Alvanon

Florian Simmendinger, Co-founder & CEO at Soundbrenner

Stephanie Chan,
Sustainability Lead, Esquel

Elaine Ng,
Founder at The Fabrick Lab

Manav Gupta,
Founder & CEO, Brinc

Jacob Freenstra, Head of Sales at Campfire Collaborative

Aurelien Menant,
Founder & CEO at Gatecoin

Dan Widmaier,
CEO at Bolt Threads

Juliette Gimenez,
Co-founder & CEO at GOXIP

Elaine Lou,
Founder at Simple Pieces

Anderson Lee,
Advisor at Reverse Resources

Denis Huen,
Founder & CEO at MedEXO Robotics

Jeff Chui, Senior Key Account Manager, Textile & Footwear Services, Consumer and Retail ,SGS HK Ltd

Learn from The Mills Fabrica

Imagining the Future of TechStyle

Welcome to The Mills Fabrica Techstyle room

The day’s programme would be broken down into 3 key parts:

  1. Past to present: from textile to techstyle Programme will start by examining how the fashion/ textile industry has changed and been gradually disrupted by technology and what we term as the emergence of the field of “techstyle”. This will include a presentation on an overview into “techstyle” as a new industry as well as to hear from various leading techstyle startups on “what does it mean to be a techstyle entrepreneur/ startup”.
  2. Techstyle today: the future is already here The second segment would then focus on the latest innovations that we see in techstyle today and will feature various large corporate industry partners working in the fashion/ textile industry who will showcase and share on latest innovations in their field that are redefining the techstyle industry.
  3. Imagining the future: what’s next for tech The final segment will look towards the future where our partners would share both about future techstyle trends and how techstyle is shaping our societies and the world such as in sustainability.


See the latest in technology


Meet over 50 startups building the future of the physical internet

Interested in exhibiting your startup? Apply for the free startup booth here by January 15th.

Experience VR/AR tech

Experience VR/AR Room

Experience Virtual Reality with Shadow Factory and Augmented Reality with Avatech through their most recently-produced experiences. Drop by Shadow Factory’s demo area and try out two sailboard simulators, and a futuristic game of catch.


– A sailboard race across Victoria Harbour. Stay on course and avoid running into ferries


– Rush down a snowy mountain on an unlikely sled. Crash gear not included


– The future is made for speed. Catch as many special items as you can to get the high score.

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