Key Dates

Applications close
Semi-finalists announcement
Final competition
End of August
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Deadline: 5 August, 2020, 11:59pm PDT


  • Individual entries and group entries with max. 5 members are welcome
  • At least one member must be an active full-time student or graduated within the past two years – of any level, discipline and field
  • At least one team member must be available to participate in the final competition

Submission Requirements

Contestants need to submit a portfolio which consists of:

1600 characters summary

(approx. 250 words)
  • Design rationale
  • Design description
  • Beneficiaries

A presentation deck

(max. 15 slides in PDF format)
  • Visual evidence (i.e. photos, drawings, videos with embedded link, simulated models, and any other visual media), for artificial submission, drawings of front, back and side views of designs should be included.
  • Description of material information
  • Description of potential commercialization or adoption
  • Details of the social impact

1-2 minute video

(with downloadable link in MP4 format)
  • Prototype / simulated model / rendering of design
  • Contestants must present the prototype or design themselves

How To Apply

  1. Submit your applications by clicking APPLY NOW
  2. Fill in the form and upload your files (max. 20MB) with required formats on the submission platform
  3. Rename all files to your project title: TFSG20_(project title)_deck/video
  4. Final submission by 5th August 2020, 23:59 hours Pacific Daylight Time


  • All entries must be in ENGLISH
  • Contestants are required to submit entries via submission platform, hardcopies or email submission will NOT be accepted
  • Late submission will NOT be entertained
  • Study the rules and regulations on official website before submission
  • Disqualification of entries may occur if the requirements are NOT met
Apply now



Organizers: Fabrica Incubator Limited, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University & Institute of Textiles and Clothing
Finalists: a class of the participants selected in accordance with the descriptions and mechanisms set out

  1. Contestants agree that if they are chosen as Finalists, they will attend the final competition Q&A session, press interviews, photo shoots, video shoots, award presentation ceremonies, exhibitions and all other activities (online or offline) arranged by the Organizers. The Organizers and the appointed media supporters reserve the absolute right to select among the Finalists and/or their works for any form of media production for promotional or marketing purposes and deemed as appropriate by the Organizers and the media supporters without the Finalists’ prior approval.
  2. While the Organizers will exercise a high degree of care in handling all entries, the Organizers will assume no liability for any damage or loss of any kind
  3. The contestant must be the sole and exclusive owner of the copyright of the entry(ies). Entries should not infringe on any rights of any third party.
  4. All entries submitted by the contestant must be the contestant’s original work and must not infringe on the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)* of any individual, collection of individuals, or entity. The use of images belonging to third parties must be fully attributed, fully disclosed and must be done only with the prior written consent of the image owners. The Organizers shall not be responsible whether directly or indirectly for any liability, howsoever arising from any violation of any copyright laws. Contestants agree to indemnify the Organizers against all actions, costs, claims and liability of whatever nature arising out of or in connection with any allegation and /or claim of infringement of the IPR of any party.
  5. “Intellectual Property Rights” shall mean patents, trademarks, service marks, trade names, design rights, copyright, domain names, database rights, rights in know-how, new inventions, designs or processes and other intellectual property rights of whatever nature and wheresoever arising, whether now known or hereafter created, and in each case whether registered or unregistered and including applications for the grant of any such rights.
  6. The Organizers at all times reserve the right to reject and disqualify any submitted entry(ies) or to deprive any Finalists or winning entry(ies) if, in the sole opinion of the Organizers, the entry(ies) infringe on the IPR of any party.
  7. By submitting an entry, the contestant grants the Organizers an irrevocable royalty-free lifetime license to use, re-use, publish and re-publish, in whole or in part, in composite or distorted character form all images or photographs, in any medium, now or hereafter, for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, promotions, illustrations, editorials, advertising, marketing, trade or any other purpose whatsoever without compensation
  8. The Organizers expressly disclaim any responsibility and contestant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Organizers and their respective employees and officers, from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in this competition (regardless of the cause of such injury or loss) or the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the prizes awarded.
  9. The Organizers shall not be liable to compensate any contestant for any rejected, disqualified, unsuccessful and any title deprived entry.
  10. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the details of the competition without prior notice, and to terminate or cancel the competition without any notice or explanation. Contestants understand that it is their sole responsibility to keep abreast of any change to the competition rules.
  11. By submitting an entry or entries, contestants agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained in this document.
  12. The Organizers reserve the right to interpret and amend the regulations of this competition at any time, and for any reason
  13. The Organizers reserve the right to amend the regulations of the competition without further notice however the Organizers will endeavor to inform contestants of any change as soon as is practicable. In the event of any dispute, the Organizers reserve the right of the final decision
  14. All contestants agree that the prior written consent of the Organizers is required before the contestant uses his/her entry for any commercial purpose.
  15. The terms and conditions contained in these Rules and Regulations shall be construed and governed by the Hong Kong laws
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