Mango Materials
Senior Bioprocess Engineer

Posted on: 14 June 2022

Company Overview

Mango Materials is a start-up company, a certified B Corp and women-led team working to produce and sell environmentally friendly, biobased, biodegradable polymers from waste greenhouse gases. 

Job openings

Mango Materials is a start-up company working to produce environmentally friendly, biobased, biodegradable polymers from waste greenhouse gases. We are seeking a Senior Bioprocess Engineer to join an energetic, multi-disciplinary team of scientists and engineers at a first-of-its-kind biomanufacturing facility. This position will have the opportunity to participate in groundbreaking, fast-paced development of environmentally friendly, biodegradable polymers to meet commercial targets.

Background on the company and position:

The company is led by a technically-oriented team - five of our senior personnel have PhDs in STEM. We love to track and measure. We use Asana to monitor project progress and allocate tasks. We follow detailed standard operating procedures for all research testing, plant operations, and business operations. We keep detailed timecards. We have meticulous naming and version control policies for all electronic files. We record and thoroughly analyze all data and are in constant pursuit to find the best and most efficient way to get things done. We all wear many hats and believe no task is beneath us. We work hard and always try to work smart.

This position will report to the CTO and will be accountable for solving all mechanical surprises that pop up at the Launch Facility as well as ensuring smooth operation of our biopolymer production unit. This position has 3 direct reports. This is a full-time, on-site position - we are hosted by our partner, a local wastewater treatment plant, and have office trailers near our facility on site. Odors and noises affiliated with a modern waste facility are to be expected. Five or more years of professional experience including hands-on operational experience are required.

Scale-up is a process with many unknowns and surprises, and this position will have the opportunity to help scale a first-of-its kind technology. We are looking for someone to join us on this adventure with an open mind. Applicants must be able to make decisions confidently and must be comfortable making decisions with incomplete information. Candidates should be prepared to get their hands dirty (figuratively and literally); this is a hands-on position. A glass half-full, positive attitude is a must!

The mission of this position is to ensure our Launch Facility runs smoothly to produce biopolymer, engineering challenges are solved, and engineering upgrades are made.

The Senior Bioprocess Engineer will be expected to:

  • Perform mechanical design, equipment/material specification, and hands-on execution/installation of “Special Engineering Projects” in the field, co-located at a waste treatment facility
  • Become the resident expert for the Launch field site and gain intimate knowledge of how the systems work
  • Troubleshoot on-site engineering challenges
  • Coordinate technical troubleshooting with external vendors
  • Oversee maintenance plan and spare parts inventory for Launch field site

The ideal candidate has experience:

  • Making decisions with incomplete information
  • Performing engineering design
  • Specifying equipment and materials
  • Reading engineering and construction drawings
  • Troubleshooting and executing mechanical repairs
  • Interpreting and editing PIDs
  • Working in a field environment
  • Diligently following protocols
  • Keeping organized and detailed records
  • Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Prioritizing safety and conducting work in compliance with company and facility policies
  • In Chemical/Biochemical Engineering or a similar field
  • With concepts and equipment of unit operations such as anaerobic digestion, fermentation, centrifugation, filtration, and solvent extraction

The candidate must be:

  • Diligent at following directions, adhering to systems in place, and keeping records
  • Organized and possess excellent attention to detail
  • Creative, flexible, proactive, punctual
  • An excellent communicator
  • A team player
  • Comfortable with a fast-paced work environment
  • Able to lift 25 to 50 pounds
  • Comfortable ascending ladders and working at heights

Must have reliable transportation to Redwood Shores, CA.

Please go to to apply. Please answer all the questions and upload your resume and a short (less than 100 word) cover letter addressed to Mango Materials in PDF format. In your response to the question “What are some important things we should know about you?” please include one or two sentences describing what you would ideally like out of this job.

Mango Materials is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity, believe in second chances, and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.