Customer Experience & Operations

Posted on: 27 September 2022

Company Overview

unspun is a robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans for each consumer— on demand.

Our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% through automated, localized, and intentional manufacturing. Our revolutionary tech currently powers our award-winning brand (one of TIME's Best Inventions, PopSci’s Best of What’s New, and FastCo's World-Changing Ideas), a B2B software platform for digital customization, and a completely revolutionary method of additive and automated apparel production.

Recently included in Time's Best Inventions & Fast Company's World Changing Ideas, unspun aims to rapidly transition the trillion-dollar apparel world into one that is more intentional, inclusive, and efficient by focusing on the overlap between sustainability and profitability. We’re a fully vertical & fast-moving company supported by Josh Buckley, Lachy Groom, Fifty Years, Hyper, and SOSV.


We also happen to make the best-fitting jeans on the planet. 🌍

Job openings

We're looking for a motivated and downright-fun human to be the second teammate on our experience team: leading in-person & online (retail, brand voice, socials, intercom) efforts to make sure our customers have as much fun as possible in every interaction with unspun, and supporting our internal operations team to ensure life at HQ is a well-oiled machine. This is no support-ticket customer service role- your mission is to turn every interaction into a story they tell their friends, regardless of if it happens in-store or the DMs... life is just too short to be boring. 🤓


About You:

  • You can wear (and love wearing) a lot of different hats. 🧢
  • Multi-tasking & context switching are second nature to you. 🤹‍♀️
  • You love talking to people— strangers and friends, online and IRL. 🤓
  • You consider yourself design-forward— there's probably photos of your room/house/apartment on your instagram. 🎨
  • You're in the "I want to learn and explore" phase of your career- wherever that may go. 🗺


You (May) Have:

  • Previous experience in retail in some way (doesn't have to be apparel).
  • Previous experience in office management.
  • A love for twitter or online communities.
  • An incredible ability to write!


You Will:

be every customer's first human interaction at unspun

  • connecting them to the right people to talk to (fit team, ops, founders, etc)
  • manage inbound email, chat, appointments, and customer visits
  • QC and fulfill US orders as needed
  • lead efforts for retail upgrades, pop up designs, and events
  • work onsite from our headquarters in downtown San Francisco

become an expert on unspun and our process

  • you'll often serve as the face of unspun, and our most loyal customers will absolutely know you by name.
  • serve as air-traffic-control for all sorts of inbounds— requests to the fit team, customer questions, company-to-company communication, etc.
  • whenever possible, find ways to make what could be "normal" interactions into funny / memorable moments.

be responsible for keeping HQ a pleasant place to work

  • you’ll also focus inward on our team, systems, and work spaces to problem solve and anticipate needs
  • support our Chief of Staff on event planning and team happiness initiatives, snacks management, etc.