PhD Internships (PIPS Placement)

Posted on: 04 March 2022

Company Overview

Colorifix was founded by two synthetic biologists who were developing biological sensors to monitor heavy metal contamination in drinking water in rural Nepal.

While testing these sensors in Kathmandu,  Jim and Orr began to learn about the enormous impact of the dyeing industry on water and human health; and realised that,  rather than simply monitoring the problem,  they had the tools to solve it. With some creativity and a bit of luck,  Colorifix was founded in 2016.

Job openings

We offer three month internships for PhD students undertaking a PIPS Placement. If you’re interested in our mission to make colour more sustainable for all and want to make a real impact during your three-month project, get in touch!

Our internships occur within one of our R&D Teams. We’re looking for the following experience and interest:

Informatics: Confident in Python and with a background in bioinformatics, bioengineering, chemoinformatics, data visualisation, or computer science.

Coloration: Material science, biomaterials, or surface chemistry.

Microbial Engineering: Natural products, synthetic biology, molecular microbiology, analytics, or fermentation.

Please send a CV and cover letter to