Data Analysis Intern

Posted on: 29 March 2022

Company Overview

Aday is a direct-to-consumer brand with the aim to lift the standard for clothing through clever design. Every ADAY garment is innovative in design and made with functional fabrics that last. Sustainability is prioritised through every step of the product life cycle. Consumers are encouraged to buy fewer high-quality pieces that can be worn on repeat. We’re a team of optimists (currently working remotely around the globe) and we’re dedicated to making positive changes in the world around us. We’re also pretty fun (if we do say so ourselves), and we strive to make each day interesting, challenging and rewarding.  

We’ve raised over $10m in venture capital and were named one of the Most Innovative Companies in the World by Fast Company. You can read more about us in places like Fast Company, Vogue, Refinery29 + Conde Nast Traveler (and many more).

Job openings


We’re looking for a data lover to support our team in making smart, data-driven decisions. You will use strong analytical skills to turn lots of data (sales, inventory, customer!) into actionable recommendations. Your insights will be used across marketing, finance, product, customer experience, and more. The ideal candidate is highly analytical (really, you must love numbers / excel / data analysis), curious, and able to work independently to find answers.

Your Future Responsibilities

  • Analyze large data sets and develop custom models to uncover trends, patterns, and insights in customer and business data
  • Create reports & dashboards that support a wide variety of business needs
  • Work cross-functionally, with strong communications skills
  • Work with a variety of data sources, including a business intelligence tool, e-commerce platform, marketing platforms, and more


The ideal candidate has lots of experience working with data. Your attention to detail is unparalleled - you are quick to notice and address discrepancies or anomalies. We don’t expect you to know all the answers but we do expect you to be open-minded, adaptable and willing to learn.

You likely love complex data problems, are fluent in excel and are excited to be a part of a mission-driven team creating a better future. Moreover, we admire individuals who are not afraid to take the initiative or speak up when they have ideas!


• Excellent analytical skills

• Superb attention to detail

• Flexible and quick learner

• Strong excel skills

• Naturally curious

• Bonus points for a basic understanding of SQL, R, or other database languages

• A high performer with a background in Economics, Finance, Math, Accounting or related field; MBA / graduate study optional

How to apply:

If you share our values and if you think you would shine in this role, we would love to hear from you! To learn more about Aday and our products, please visit