Modern Synthesis
Bioprocess Engineer

Posted on: 10 March 2022

Company Overview

Modern Synthesis is a London based biomaterial company connecting the dots between biology, material science and design to craft the next generation of biomaterials for the fashion industry.

Job openings

Are you excited to grow new, high performance materials with bacteria? We’re looking for a senior bioprocess/fermentation engineer to design, prototype and operate novel bioreactors and bioprocesses at lab and pilot scale.

You’ll be working on new reactors and processes as well as optimising conditions to increase capacity, efficiency and improve product quality. You’ll also support cutting edge R&D and academic collaborations to develop the future of biomaterial technologies as well as working with the design team to produce innovative materials for projects with global fashion brands.

Job responsibilities

Pilot Production

  • Develop and improve fermentation processes. Includes: static and stirred tank bacterial cultures, sterilisation, inoculation and material handling.
  • Prototype lab and pilot scale bioreactors – collaborating with industrial manufacturers and external experts.
  • Apply knowledge of available off-the-shelf equipment, and troubleshoot, adapt and hack equipment for non standard culture conditions & processes.
  • Support the design and build of a new manufacturing process and a pilot facility from the ground up.
  • Develop and optimise downstream processing.


  • Research new technologies to improve process efficiency and product quality
  • Collect, assess and interpret experimental data.
  • Assist with company’s IP strategy and planning.


  • Build relationships and collaborate with advisory board leading bioprocess and scale up experts from industry and academia.
  • Work with suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Manage, mentor and support a small team of scientists and engineers.


Required qualifications and skills

  • Either Masters degree (or equivalent) in Bioprocess, Fermentation, Chemical or Biochemical Engineering or similar and
    5+ years industry experience
  • Or PhD in Bioprocess engineering or any related field and 3+ years industry experience.
  • A proven ability to solve issues with growing biological systems and experience working with microbes
  • Comfortable operating and optimising lab scale bioreactors
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal, written and within digital meeting settings)
  • Self-motivated with a learning and growth mindset
  • Experience scaling up and transferring processes from lab to pilot scale and beyond
  • Experience or willingness to collaborate with and manage an interdisciplinary team
  • Passion for sustainability and impact

Beneficial experience

  • Use of a range of bioreactor platforms and control systems
  • Assessment of pilot plant suppliers and equipment options
  • Understanding of GMP and relevant ISO standards
  • Implementation of laboratory automation
  • Multifactorial experimental methods
  • Biomaterial/biopolymer production, particularly bacterial cellulose
  • Start-up / spin-out interest or experience



  • Use of a range of bioreactor platforms and control systems
  • Assessment of pilot plant suppliers and equipment options
  • Multifactorial experimental methods
  • Culturing / fermentations with non-model organisms
  • Biomaterial or biopolymer production, particularly bacterial cellulose
  • Start-up or spin-out experience



Manager: CTO

How to apply

Send CV and cover letter (with the position you are applying for in the subject line) to