Synbio Playbook for Techstyle Startups A Complete Guide for Founders


Building a synbio start-up from lab to launch is a long journey. How can one ease the transition from lab to pilot? What is the best business model for your technology? How can innovators and investors get involved in the synbio landscape?

The Mills Fabrica and Bolt Threads have launched the “Synbio Playbook for Techstyle startups – A Complete Guide for Founders” report exploring the key elements needed for start-ups within the synthetic biology field to sustain and thrive towards success.

Key Insights

The report is a guidebook for synbio innovators looking to start and grow a business, offering key information in five focus areas:

  • Strategy and position setting

  • Scaling up technology

  • Go-to-market

  • Fundraising and exit trajectory

  • Engaging with the wider synbio ecosystem

Founders will also find the guide especially resourceful, as it outlines critical pathways to scale a synbio business, including adopting the right manufacturing, developing effective product launch strategies and understanding the wider set of supporting ecosystem partners. Investors interested in entering the synbio space will learn the latest innovation trends and investment insights, as well as exit opportunities within the field.


The report synthesizes learnings and findings from The Mills Fabrica’s engagement with multiple food / fashion tech startups and portfolio companies as well as Bolt Threads’ expertise and experience in scaling up synbio technologies to go-to market. The report also highlights learnings from case studies of successful innovators such as Impossible Foods, Perfect Day and Renewcell, sharing industry-related challenges and tips. If you are interested to learn more, download the full report now.