State of Techstyle Innovations Report 2020


There is a growing number of new innovations in the techstyle industry, bringing disruptions to the traditional consumer market and changes to the investment landscape. Who are the early winners in the market? How can investors and large industry players like brands and manufacturers plan ahead to capture new opportunities?

The Mills Fabrica has launched the first “State of Techstyle Innovations” Report presenting key facts, findings and trends in the techstyle space.

Key Insights

The fashion industry has been rapidly transformed by
innovations across the value chain be it in better
materials/ processes, up-and-coming brands or new
retail technologies.

The report aims to serve as a 101 into the innovation landscape of techstyle. Investors and large corporates including brands and manufacturers will gain access to key facts and findings on the latest startup innovations and analysis of funding sizes, investment and exit landscape of startups in the techstyle space. The report will also highlight the lessons learnt from early winners in the space, sharing insights on key opportunities and trends in the three thesis areas, Material and Supply Chain, Techstyle Brands and New Retail Experiences.

  • 3 Trends and Thesis Areas Drive the Growth of The Techstyle Market
    • New Material and Supply Chain Innovation
    • Techstyle Brands and Products
    • New Retail Experiences

Figure 1: More details about the latest innovations in the 3 thesis areas

Figure 2: A snapshot of the 3 key trends and thesis areas in the techstyle space

  • Techstyle innovations are supported by ecosystem players from corporates and investors

Figure 3: Various ecosystem players supporting the techstyle innovations

  • Early techstyle winners have emerged, with more expected to come

Figure 4: Techstyle unicorns in the past few years

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, disruption from being more sustainable, growth in millennial population and digitization continue drive up the growth in techstyle innovations. With increasing support from ecosystem players, it is expected more techstyle innovations and unicorns coming in the space.

If you are interested to find out more, please download the full report.