unspun Operations (Chief Of Staff)
Posted on: 28 February 2022
We're looking for an ambitious and motivated Chief of Staff to join our leadership team, in-person at our office in San Francisco. As the first inward-focused hire, your top priority will be keeping the unspun machine running at peak performance.


  • Strategize:
    • Help leadership align with discussion and minutes
    • Help leadership track action items
    • Improve communication and alignment between leadership and team
    • Help prepare for key leadership and Board of Directors meetings
    • Develop diversity + inclusion initiatives and education within unspun
    • Support with recruitment and hiring
    • Maintain relations with legal teams
  • Team-build:
    • Organize team events
    • Build feedback culture - encourage discourse and open communication
    • Spearhead a culture of high performance and accountability
    • Onboard and train employees and help establish these systems
    • Ensure ownership and empowerment of every employee
    • Create more meaningful recognition patterns across the company
    • Mentor team members and encourage growth
  • Organize:
    • Manage office space and execute on team experience improvement projects
    • Prepare presentations and communication for internal and external stakeholders
    • Curate our company-wide Notion documents and knowledgebase
    • Handle administrative and compliance tasks
    • Be the voice of founders & the leadership team
    • Manage bookkeeping, reimbursement, & budgeting
    • Facilitate HR through Gusto, e.g. payroll, healthcare, dental, etc.



  • About You:
    • You can wear (and love wearing) a lot of different hats.
    • You want to be involved in both the long-term strategy, and the day-to-day grind that keeps the stoke high at a company.
    • You thrive on plugging holes and keeping others accountable.
    • You are relentlessly resourceful and enjoy a dynamic, unpredictable environment.
    • You are very organized and the epitome of a team player.
  • You Have:
    • Previous experience in the startup or business world.
    • Experience working in a multi-disciplinary role, or at least work well with multiple disciplines.
    • A track record of commendable organization and communication skills.
    • Experience organizing and planning company strategy.
    • Previously worked directly with senior leadership.
    • Showcased the ability to [figuratively] juggle lots of tasks at a time.
    • A strong track record of detail-oriented project execution.
    • Experience in roles that require balancing sharp EQ & IQ skills.


How to apply:

Get in touch with the founders! 🙂 / Email: work@unspun.io


Company Overview:

unspun is a robotics and digital apparel company building custom jeans for each consumer— on demand.

Our mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by 1% through automated, localized, and intentional manufacturing. Our revolutionary tech currently powers our award-winning brand (one of TIME's Best Inventions, PopSci’s Best of What’s New, and FastCo's World-Changing Ideas), a B2B software platform for digital customization, and a completely revolutionary method of additive and automated apparel production. We’re a fully vertical & fast-moving company supported by Josh Buckley, Lachy Groom, Fifty Years, Hyper, and SOSV.

We also happen to make the best-fitting jeans on the planet. 🌍


Our Philosophy:

We won’t roll our eyes if your socks don’t match. We get it. But then, if you spend those extra few minutes in the morning matching your socks and shirt, we get that too. Our workspaces are sometimes spotless and sometimes chaotic, and we celebrate messy exploration. We work through complex problems but generate simple and elegant solutions. We strive to look at things differently, and never do anything solely because “that’s the way it’s always been done.”

We’re a team of designers and engineers, industry-veterans and serial entrepreneurs, artists and developers. We’re aspiring chess masters and climbers, bakers and photographers. Originally spun out of Stanford and the University of Colorado, we now call downtown San Francisco home, with strong ties to Hong Kong. We are looking for teammates who share our desire to work on ambitious problems and leave the world better than we found it.

unspun is an equal opportunity employer, and we are committed to being a diverse team that reflects a broad range of backgrounds, thought, and experiences. We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, national origin, status as an individual with a disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other legally protected characteristics. Women, minorities, and people from underrepresented backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

Official Website: unspun // custom jeans