Mango Materials
Denitrification Project Manager

Posted on: 08 November 2022

Company Overview

Mango Materials is a start-up company, a certified B Corp and women-led team working to produce and sell environmentally friendly, biobased, biodegradable polymers from waste greenhouse gases. 

Job openings

Join our team of passionate scientists, engineers, operators and business leaders working to transform the future of our planet. Mango Materials is a certified B Corp and women-led team that is producing and selling biobased, biodegradable materials from waste greenhouse gases – and we want you to be a part of it.


In addition to working with novel technology to help combat climate change and create revolutionary, Earth-friendly materials, Mango Materials team members also enjoy working in an inclusive and collaborative company culture.


We are seeking an expert consultant, a Denitrification Project Manager, to assist our energetic, multidisciplinary team. This position will report to the COO. This is a contract, virtual position.


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Background on the company and position:

The company is led by a technically oriented team - five of our senior team members have PhDs in STEM. We put the safety and well-being of our people above all other priorities. We love to track and measure. We use a software called Asana to monitor project progress, allocate tasks and communicate across different shifts and locations. We follow detailed standard operating procedures for all research testing, plant operations, and business operations. We keep detailed timecards. We have meticulous naming and version control policies for all electronic files. We record and thoroughly analyze all data and are in constant pursuit to find the best and most efficient way to get things done. We work hard and always seek to work smart.


Mango is in growth mode. Scale-up of this type is a process with many unknowns and surprises, and this position will have the opportunity to help with the commercial, go-to-market strategy of a first-of-its kind technology. We are looking for someone to join us on this adventure with an open mind and enthusiasm to get into details. A glass half-full, positive attitude is a must!


The mission of this position is to explore the denitrification market opportunity and technical feasibility.


The Denitrification Project Manager will be expected to:

  • Complete customer discovery with denitrification stakeholders
  • Attend meetings/calls with stakeholders
  • Perform project planning, scheduling, manage tasks, and coordinate project resources to meet objectives and timelines
  • Provide customer service, communicate project status in Asana, and maintain good records (e.g., project financials, schedule, issues, risks, change control decisions)
  • Produce reports on market availability and overall go-to-market strategy related to denitrification


Our ideal candidate is/has:

  • People-person
  • Understanding of denitrification
  • Sales experience
  • Ability to do investigative market research
  • Highly attentive to detail
  • An overall positive outlook
  • Ability to organize
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • An outside of the box thinker
  • Comfortable with a fast-paced work environment and the uncertainty inherent in a start-up company


  • Familiarity with customer discovery and business model canvas methodology
  • Project management experience


Want to join us? Here’s how to apply:


Please go to to apply.


  1. Complete the application profile
  2. Upload a short (less than 100 word) cover letter in PDF format
  3. Include a P.S. with your cover letter letting us know what you would ideally like out of this job.
  4. Upload your resume
  5. Answer all the questions on the application profile


Mango Materials is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity, believe in second chances, and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all.