Fabrica Lab

Powered by The Mills Fabrica and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited (HKRITA), Fabrica Lab is the first techstyle prototyping space of its kind in Hong Kong, merging technology and style under the same roof. We provide a lab for prototyping with world-class equipment for startups, students, corporates, partners, designers and hobbyists to work, collaborate and learn about techstyle.

Workshop and Programs

We offer workshops and training for professionals, schools and public to bring techstyle to life and provide technical support.


Workshop series for people with a keen interest in techstyle. Suitable for all levels of participants, our workshops focus on creating custom products from start to finish. Learn fashion related skills, such as sewing and embroidery, and experience Fabrica Lab’s state-of-the-art equipment and technologies. A true techstyle experience open to all.


  • Accessible techstyle experience for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Design and realize your own unique product.


Corporate team building and techsyle / sustainability themed workshops. Up to 20 participants can team up to complete design challenges using the latest fashion technologies, with additional support from Fabrica Lab staff. Lab facilities rental with technical support, suitable for design and team events. Fabrica Lab provides the perfect space for experimentation, prototyping, and showcasing new products.


  • State-of-the-art facilities for workshops or events.
  • 100% customizable content and full support available from our Lab team.


STEAM workshops tailored to students from 8th grade to University level. With top grade facilities and connections to the industry, Fabrica Lab is educating the next generation in fashion’s latest technologies, trends and supply chain. Mentorship programs are curated for senior year students working on their final year projects.


  • Specially crafted content for all levels, from Grade 1 to University.
  • Access to our exclusive industry partners’ technologies.

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Key Machines & Facilities

We offer hot workbenches, CAD workstations and designated areas (design lab/ fashion/ textile lab/ hardware tech lab)
to help members bring their concepts and designs to life.

Design Lab

Whether you’re working on your next collection, wearable technology or accessory, Fabrica Lab has you covered with CAD stations with the latest 3D design software and hardware including fashion design, fabric scanners, body scanners and a dedicated area for designers to experiment, test and work on their projects.

Fashion/Textile Lab

Thinking of sampling your next collection of garments, bags, accessories or any textile-related project? Fabrica Lab’s fashion lab has all the essential industrial sewing machines for your designs to come to life. Simply ask for our support packages if you plan to scale into small production batches or need extra help with your project.

Hardware Tech Lab

If you need to prototype your next tech- wearable project or accessory, Fabrica Lab is the place for you. With the latest 3D printing technologies, laser cutter, CNC mini milling machine and electronic assembly bench complete with a selection of hand and power tools and a spray paint room for those final touches.

Membership Plans

We have a range of membership programs adapting to the different needs of startups, students, freelancers, or simply creative minds looking for a place to express themselves. Our team is also providing support and advice for members to utilize the lab equipment to its full potential.

Students & under 18 years old
(50% off from standard price)
Standard Membership Group membership, more than 3 people
(30% off from standard price)
10-Day Pass HKD 1,000 HKD 2,000 HKD 1,400
Monthly Pass HKD 750 HKD 1,500 HKD 1,000
Yearly Pass HKD 6,750 HKD 13,500
(25% off)
HKD 9,450
  • Training fee HKD 500
  • (Free training for yearly pass holders)
  • Training fee HKD 500
  • (Free training for yearly pass holders)
  • Training fee HKD 500
  • (Free training for yearly pass holders)
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Member Highlights

  • DiPulse(NMES Group)






  • Browzwear x PVH

    Browzwear and PVH came together for a special “Product In A Day” workshop, to create a full garment in one session. Using Browzwear’s Fashion Design Software and Fabrica Lab’s equipment, participants worked together through all the stages of product development, from conception to realization.

    Upcoming workshop
  • HK Ballet

    HK Ballet hosted a series of workshops about costume making, where participants created their own mini version of a ballerina costume. Attendees also learned more about the history of ballet costume making and discovered more about the intricacies of this unique craft.

    Upcoming workshop
  • SCAD

    As part of Fabrica’s long term collaboration with SCAD Hong Kong, Fashion Design students got to explore Fabrica Lab’s facilities. After receiving an introduction about the bonding machines used to make athleisure garments, the students attended a tutorial session at Macpi to learn more about their bonding solutions and technology.

    Upcoming workshop
  • Stamford – Innovation Superheroes

    Fabrica Lab planned a special workshop for Grade 2 students, as part of their Innovation Superheroes project. Using upcycled fabrics and custom-made equipment, the students worked together in team to create their very own superhero cape to raise awareness about an environmental issue of their choice.

    Upcoming workshop
  • Be Your Own Designer – Sweatshirt Edition

    In this three-session public workshop, participants became their own designer and realized a custom-made sweatshirt. Attendees learned about traditional fashion design techniques and used the innovative technologies available at the Lab to create their own unique garment.

    Upcoming workshop
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