Fabrica Lab

Powered by The Mills Fabrica and The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel Limited (HKRITA), Fabrica Lab is the first techstyle prototyping space of its kind in Hong Kong, merging technology and style under the same roof. We provide a lab for prototyping with worldclass equipment for startups, designers, hobbyists and partners to work, collaborate and learn about techstyle.

Key Machines & Facilities

We offer hot workbenches, CAD workstations and designated areas (wet-room / paint booth / hardware room) to help members bring their concepts and designs to life.

Hardline machines

Drilling machines, bandsaw, 3D printers / 3D scanners, Electronics, Soldering, oscilloscope & multimeters

Hardline equipment is focused for the construction, design and development of hard goods using materials such as plastic, metal, wood, etc.

Softline machines

Weaving machine / Sewing machine

Softline is related to all equipment and activity that has to do with soft material such as textiles, fabrics, leather, etc. Fabrica lab is equipped with exclusive equipment and support from our partners and sponsors.

Wet Lab

Spraying / washing machines / tumble dry

Membership Plans

We have a range of membership programs adapting to the different needs of startups, students, freelancers, or simply creative minds looking for a place to express..

Students & under 18 years old
(50% off from standard price)
Standard Membership Group membership, more than 3 people
(30% off from standard price)
10-Day Pass
(valid over a period of 90 days)
HKD 1,000 HKD 2,000 HKD 1,400
Monthly Pass HKD 750 HKD 1,500 HKD 1,000
Yearly Pass HKD 6,750 HKD 13,500
(25% off)
HKD 9,450
  • Training fee HKD 500
  • Free training fee for year pass
  • Training fee HKD 500
  • Free training fee for year pass
  • Training fee HKD 500
  • Free training fee for year pass
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Fabrica Lab 101

Introduction to Techstyle Creation:
Tote Bag Workshop

Fabrica Lab 101 is a series of Techstyle focused workshops and learning opportunities for the public to gain an understanding of Techstyle creation.

No prior knowledge is required and we welcome people of all knowledge and skill levels. We will provide an introductory course to various industrial machines and how to use them, from there we will guide participants to create their very own tote bag from scratch.

Participants will be guided to use laser cutters, laser printer, digital embroidery machine, and a variety of sewing machines to assist in creating their own DIY tote bags. You may include different graphics, texts, and designs to achieve your desired effect.

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