Emerging designers and technology founders have access to excellent schools that can help them build the basic skills they need to get started. After these businesses become profitable, there are many opportunities for investment and growth.

However most new companties fail within the first few years, and it is during this critical phase that Fabrica enters the picture.

Fabrica is not a design school. It is a business incubator and springboard that helps young techstyle companies build practical, sustainable business that are poised for growth.




Fabrica Incubator occupies an entire floor in The Mills complex. It is a multi-functional space of approximately 15,000 sq ft. It onboards startups with great potential and puts them through an intensive program of self-improvement, practical business guidance, and marketing exposure.

Individual Ateliers & Workshops: Studio spaces where startups can build their businesses

Sample Room & Fabrication Lab: A practical workshop offering prototyping and sampling services

Photo & Media Studio: A working studio for Fabrica residents, helping them to build and refine their brand and marketing materials

Shared Meeting Rooms & Showrooms: Multi-function shared spaces for meetings, showings, and breakout sessions

Co-Working Space: Hot desks for residents and visitors

Common Area: The heart of Fabrica, a gathering area for sharing inspiration, building relationships, and sparking new ideas



The Fabrica Incubator space is scheduled to be completed in 2018, however there is plenty of action in the meantime! We run pre-pilot incubation programs and act as a connector between techstyle startups and business opportunities. Please join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to keep up to date on the latest events!


Fabrica is always looking for promising startups.
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