Q: How can I become an incubatee?

A: As long as your business that intelligently integrates technology and style, or wearable tech, material and manufacturing innovation, customer interfacing apps or any groundbreaking budding business in techstyle, come join the challenge.


Q: In addition to a tech-style business, is there any other criteria?

A: Besides your business has to be a tech-style business (at the intersection of fashion, textile and technology), we expect the company share Fabrica’s core values, i.e. partnership, entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation. Propose innovative concepts and offer added-value that answers a market demand.


Q: Can I become an incubatee if my company starts in somewhere

A: In order to ensure that the incubatees can get appropriate and timely assistance and help, we hope our incubatees has a Hong Kong operating base.


Q: What are the criteria for brand?

A: We expect the brand to show versatility, motivation and team spirit. Be willing to receive help and support from experienced mentors, implement and work together towards success. In addition, we also require the brand to have at least two stockists/POS, with minimum annual projected turnover of HK100,000.


Q: What are the criteria for tech company?

A: Tech startup in the field of fashion, textile or accessories which early revenue business model with strong execution. Also have potential to disrupt existing industry models and with lean approach towards building the business.